Extreme humiliation and facial degradation

Extreme humiliation and facial degradation of tied and tit tormented american fetish pornstar Madison Young using elastic rubber bands and painful nipple clamps. The american fetish supermodel came to England expecting some standard american bdsm but found herself in the hands of true european sadists intent on humiliating the redhead slaveslut and breaking down her diva attitudes with plentiful degradation and pain. The stunning american Madison Young is turned into a piggie nosed and humbled monster by her european sadomasochist masters in a cruel and merciless session of complete degradation, pain and destruction. The redheaded female pig is facially humiliated and taken through hell pain on her face and tender nipples for the amusement of her euro tormentors.

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Ffs +28 points1894 days ago

It's not a good sign when it takes longer to read the description than watch the video... Reply Report

mister   0 points1696 days ago

just what I thought as I watched Reply Report

ace +4 points1860 days ago

This is fucking animal cruelty . It's sad that these guys get off on abusing a poor pig like that :( Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert +2 points1184 days ago

This video sucked a total waste of 3:31 Reply Report
Tomas Levy

Tomas Levy +2 points694 days ago

This is extreme? My girlfriend gets worse than this whenever she overcooks my burgers. Don't even think of using the word "extreme" before her entire body is purple-red and she's half drowned in piss. Reply Report

cryingisnotasafeword +2 points584 days ago

Agree totally Tomas! i would add passed out Reply Report

nwmomistressallie +1 points868 days ago

never thought of rubber bands. Straps, restraints, whips, and wax, but damn, need a gal with some curves, and tits. Us big girls know what we like Reply Report

stuarthypnotized   0 points1685 days ago

Worst bdsm ever viewed!! Reply Report

smally   0 points1007 days ago

Sexy Reply Report
Noone said

Noone said -1 points1648 days ago

I want more of this video Reply Report