Blindfolded girl cries after sucking BLACK cock

Whe will she tell her father is he finds out his daughter is such a whore.

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??? +31 points4501 days ago

lol the dad is cool with her daughter suckin cock on the long as its not black Reply Report

MontanaMan +2 points51 days ago

So, he just does not want his daughter engaging in bestiality... Reply Report

MontanaMan +2 points51 days ago

So, he just does not want his daughter engaging in bestiality... Reply Report
her name

her name +1 points3936 days ago

Gwen Diamond Reply Report
Porn is for slutty nasty dirty ppl

Porn is for slutty nasty dirty ppl +1 points378 days ago

Well that illegal she said no after so that shows how nasty pedos are and what yall get off to do his why we have pedos not easily for minors to get on porn got to love that yall actually pedos for that in real world Reply Report

ajax48   0 points4813 days ago

L:)L!!!! i love it, good job guys L:)L Reply Report

super-man   0 points4489 days ago

why would u wanna go black :S Stupid dirty ape Reply Report

frankw265   0 points3726 days ago

That was pointless. Reply Report

FrankieWankie265 -2 points3114 days ago

All your comments are pointless, the same whining in the site for years now, this video doesn't have this, this video doesn't have that, Frank sad, boo hoo. Reply Report

Anon   0 points3508 days ago

That poor girl :C

And the way that sick bastard tried to stick it back in her after she clearly said no is borderline rape attempt
Reply Report

Jason   0 points7 days ago

So fake Reply Report

TraGog   0 points670 days ago

She knows they Disgusting have all the diseases Reply Report

shane -1 points3957 days ago

that is the worst thing anybody could ever do to anybody. that is disgusting and that motherfucker who did it should hang. fuck this nigger shit Reply Report

someone -1 points3810 days ago

That was fucked up thats as bad as rape!! Yall are a bunch of sick fucks!! And u want that to happen to your daughter?Wtf is wrong the u? Piece of shit!!!!!! Reply Report

orangeguy -2 points4248 days ago

that guy is GAY! The only reason a white guy would want to see his girlfriend, mother, wife, daughter, etc fuck a black man is so that he can have an excuse to stare at some black dick! Reply Report

guy -2 points4046 days ago

sexy as fuck their telling her she a good girl an its easy to see she likes it and really dont mind him rubint it on her mouth at the end she just wored about seeing her face so you know she finshed him off Reply Report

Guest -2 points3437 days ago

You guy's are idiots! She's a porn star and this shit isn't real at all. This also isn't her first interracial.

She goes by the name of Gwen Diamond.
Reply Report

josta -2 points392 days ago

First I doubt she was tricked into anything she looks like she is in joying it to much she willingly put the mask on and excepted what she had to do she has nothing to be ashamed of and any white woman who has the chance to be with a black man is a great woman Reply Report

.I. -3 points4701 days ago

jew niggy luvs it Reply Report

mrrotorooter -3 points2889 days ago

Daddy might have sucked on a few BBD himself. Reply Report

dirty-dad -3 points666 days ago

My daughter was seeing a black male. She would tell her mother she was staying with me, and stay with him at his grandfathers place. Anyway, grandfather got a lot of pussy from her. She said, he cannot get enough. Always thought that was funny. Young teen blonde pussy, I am sure he enjoyed her, a lot. I know she was shared some, probably a lot. Reply Report
dad here

dad here -4 points4046 days ago

i would love to see my daughter suck a black cock like her and her not knowing till she sallowed it all the best part of this vido is she looks clost to my daughter all white girl shood try it an tast it Reply Report

jannybh -8 points3690 days ago

A good way to convert racist whte grls into ngga cck adoring and blck only
br eeding modern whores of today.
Reply Report

Niggers_are_black -2 points742 days ago

@ all these white girls want big black cocks. what about my small white cock? Do I just jerk it off? Reply Report

MontanaMan +6 points958 days ago

@ ~ From all your racist comments you sell yourself as one of the biggest racists on Heavy-R. Reply Report

dad -7 points3673 days ago

100% agree hopefully this will happen to my own daughter Reply Report

asdfg -4 points3447 days ago

lmao Reply Report

Guest -4 points3437 days ago

Full video: Reply Report

jkkklll -4 points2747 days ago

butts Reply Report

Bee22 -4 points2408 days ago

big surprise Reply Report

dad -5 points3673 days ago

Mine is a cute little young blond to love that there will a BBC running down her through and stretching her little pussy an rune it for white boys Reply Report

Jhn -5 points1131 days ago

Cute,she loved it Reply Report

lolhaha -6 points4422 days ago

stupid bitch ..should've been slapped for gettin moodylol Reply Report

Patriotpride16T -6 points1982 days ago

“My dad is gonna kill me”?
Not for sucking strangers cocks, but for sucking a black cock??
It’s fake, but still hilarious!
Reply Report

Spunkmaster -6 points4051 days ago

Live this. Should have fucked with be blindfold on and spunked down her throat Reply Report

Cking -6 points2794 days ago

Wouldn't have a problem sucking that at all and I'm a man Reply Report

Jason   0 points7 days ago

@Cking you're a homo Reply Report

Darude -8 points3589 days ago

Darude–Sandstorm Reply Report

Armacora -9 points3901 days ago

If this would only happen to all white girls that still avoid black cocks - if there still are any ... Reply Report
la di da

la di da -11 points3814 days ago

don't you realize they were just rehearsing for another 'King Kong' movie? when she was finally allowed to suck and slurp on King Kong's cock (which would dwarf an elephant's if you know what I mean), our blondie slut was in the seventh heaven when he almost drowned he in his jizz... Reply Report