Girl Stabbed To Death During Porn

I suppose hardcore porn can't get any more hardcore than this.

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Millica +32 points1662 days ago

This is a kind of foreplay for woman & seduction to man instead of murder!
No need to doubt whether it is fake!
Once you have tried this, you would find it very enjoyable . . .
It is very itchy to have cherry juice running down slowly
from your nipples and navel towards the pussy :)
The foreplay is stabbing the surface of the body with knife blade.
The main course is stabbing the inside of the body with knife handle
or something else . . . You know :)
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Kathy +28 points1637 days ago

Yes, it is only a performance using a fake sword and cherry juice!
At the end of the video:
The girl is still alive and breathing . . .
Her breast is still soft and moving . . .
Her blood is still hot and flowing . . .
Her belly is still warm and floating . . .
Her navel is very red and itchy . . .
Her pussy is very wet and juicy . . .
Her acting is very well and sexy . . .
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Kathy +2 points1637 days ago

Oh, I made a mistake!
It is knife instead of sword in this video :p
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Dr.White +26 points877 days ago

Dear patient,
You are being stabbed at the navel !
Fortunately, that position is not low enough to hurt your uterus !
Hence, no blood is coming out from your vagina !
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Belly-Fever +23 points1207 days ago

Oh, Dear girl,
You are having a heavy-flow day!
I would like to buy some maxipads for you and give you protection!
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Pantilover +20 points696 days ago

Oh, dear girl,
You are bleeding so sexily !
I feel very pity for you !
I would like to give you a piece of maxipad to absorb your flow.
Which brand are you using?
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M-Blood Swallower

M-Blood Swallower +18 points658 days ago

Good fantasy !
I would like to be the maxipad to absorb the blood flowing on the
girl's navel, belly, pussy and vagina . . .
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abbeyreid +11 points724 days ago

I just want to meet a guy who is into this kind of sick shit!! Reply Report

strangler1   0 points531 days ago

That would be me Reply Report

S.J. +2 points685 days ago

I'm into that as well as a woman stabbing me while we are fucking and while she is doing it I am struggling to cum deep inside of her pussy before I die. Reply Report
Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster   0 points686 days ago

I'm in to it, but I would fuck you as you died slowly. Reply Report

CECWWC +2 points2048 days ago

Remember, EVERYTHING IN PORN IS FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report
I am a stegosaurus!

I am a stegosaurus! +1 points2007 days ago

at least she has nice tits Reply Report

lol   0 points2587 days ago

Fake. If she was dead her body would be like a fish out of water + Her eyes would of rolled into her head ++ the blood looks like raspberry juice Reply Report

lolacausttt   0 points2519 days ago

Duh lol Reply Report

huhh   0 points1929 days ago

half knife with paint option.. !! fake Reply Report

what   0 points1834 days ago

its a good thing its fake Reply Report
amayk ucchash

amayk ucchash   0 points1789 days ago

fake video!! Reply Report
Firing time

Firing time   0 points1402 days ago

She would have pissed and shit as her juices flowed out her pussy totally fake Reply Report

lala   0 points836 days ago

it could stfu Reply Report

asdfgjk   0 points806 days ago

are you a boy or a girl reply soon! Reply Report

shoefly -1 points2867 days ago

pathetic at least try and make it look real just pathetic Reply Report

vedion -1 points2863 days ago

fake!! Reply Report
-Not right in the head

-Not right in the head -1 points2407 days ago

thats fucking stupid ! she has got nice little
tits though !
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amison -1 points1772 days ago

dumb! Reply Report

Dirkk -1 points796 days ago

if only this was real it would of been so hot! But seen better death scenes in Hollywood movies..not this low budget stuff lol Reply Report

Sid -2 points2391 days ago

A perfect example of why porn stars should stick to shagging and leave the acting to actors !! Reply Report

Jingko -2 points2240 days ago

This is a known fake - Rename or delete!!! Reply Report

Chris -2 points2114 days ago

Rather this video is fake or not it's sick and shouldn't be posted all the people in this should be ashamed of there selves Reply Report

.l. -3 points2608 days ago

one of the worst acting ever..FAILED!!! Reply Report

jmj -3 points1743 days ago

This vid is a good example of waste of space. Reply Report
31 yr. old slut

31 yr. old slut -3 points892 days ago

Fuck this fake shit when will we see real snuff Reply Report

Explorer -4 points1332 days ago

Neither of the people performing, making and planning this film will ever have a career in the film industry. Zero talent. I doubt even snuff fetishists will get any satisfaction from watching this (or their fantasy must be something completely out of this world). So to you who made this video: Nice try guys, but if you want to create videos to keep individuals from going out and turn serial killers i.e., you have to do better than this. Reply Report

Beth -5 points1825 days ago

Must say the the worst dying scene I ever seen.. Reply Report

Ziggy -6 points2209 days ago

Fucking FAKE!!!!!!!!! I'd stab the stupid slag straight up her shit pipe with my 11" dick. At least her screams would be real. Reply Report

Youranidiot +1 points922 days ago

Right you have an 11 inch you don't even have the balls to do something like that literal and mental Reply Report