Mustang crash aftermath

4 Young guys crash their yellow mustang sports car on a road near Saratov, Russia.

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funny +24 points1807 days ago

the 2 other guys went to heaven, jajajajaja!!!!!! Reply Report

pauluzzz +2 points2664 days ago

wow thats hardcore Reply Report

rw +1 points1566 days ago

I think its fake
Reply Report

wolve   0 points1228 days ago

100% Reply Report

Throbbatron   0 points1809 days ago

Half in the front seat, one in the trunk - where's the other two and a half guys? Reply Report

haha   0 points1700 days ago

deadstang. whats with the dude in the trunk...weird. Reply Report

d1ty   0 points1512 days ago

they were cut up about their car. Reply Report

Gerd -1 points2310 days ago

Wieder ein paar russische Ganoven weniger!!!!!! Reply Report

Kevin -1 points2118 days ago

whats the song i like it? Thats a pretty nasty crash. So much for saftey rail Reply Report

AustinPowers -2 points2054 days ago

is the mustang ok :D then give the mustang to me ;) Reply Report

wolve -2 points1228 days ago

complete fake, the passenger had no reason to be in half and guy in trunk? get real peeps this is obvious fake Reply Report
low IQ

low IQ   0 points293 days ago

do u have any idea what kind of forces are involved in a car crash? clearly the car rolled and at VERY high speed, half of him could have been out the window when it did. thats not a clean cut clearly was sheer force ripped him in half. as for guy in trunk, its russia , he might have been in there from the beginning? maybe him trying to escape caused the crash? very high chance they was all not wearing seat belts, id say the only fake thing about this situation is your display pic ;) Reply Report