Crying cunt force fed and degraded

Handcuffed cunt didn't want to eat table scraps from her dog bowl, so this guy gets pissed, and force feeds her, throwing the cold stale food at her and making her eat if from the floor. She is crying and desperate, but he just spits in her face, and empties an ashtray over her, shoving cigarrette butts up he nose and utterly degrading her. He wraps her face in plastic film to keep the mess in place, then clears up the room, throwing away the waste in garbage bags, along with the sobbing girl herself.

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ihatewomen +25 points2269 days ago

Why is this swine inside and eating from a bowl? This pink pig should be outdoors and should eat directly from the ground! Reply Report

wantonslut +5 points1384 days ago

i totally agree. i'm swine too so i should be talking Reply Report

sueleather +11 points1764 days ago

Ohhh I love this!! Love seeing female slaves humiliated and degraded Reply Report

Pleasefuckme +9 points1327 days ago

I'm a bad girl and this needs to happen for me for my punishment (; Reply Report

wsxedcrfvtgb +6 points2143 days ago

I hear he'll lose his michelin star for this Reply Report
Girls are worthless shit

Girls are worthless shit +6 points1458 days ago

Why are these meatholes always crying when they get used? Reply Report

wantonslut +2 points1384 days ago

use me Reply Report

Slaveofmistress +1 points843 days ago

Where are you located? Reply Report

sahraschlampe +3 points2097 days ago

supergeil Reply Report

exxtreme +3 points1887 days ago

slave indulges in the situation they are in, garbage and crying a great excite Reply Report

cyote57 +2 points1409 days ago

He should have used a much larger bag. Reply Report

shit   0 points1241 days ago

Wats her nam? Crazy bitch! Reply Report

dorian   0 points1038 days ago

Reply Report