Drunk Girl Violated

Drunk girl got bottle raped at a party.

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Throbbatron +80 points1755 days ago

Using a bottle because none of them has a dick that will do the job? Reply Report

Hmm +13 points1587 days ago

This is real. Quite amusing. If you think she's into it you're not very intelligent, or observant. Someone comes in at the end that breaks the group up, saving the girl...or should i say ruining the fun. Hard to find legitimite videos like this, judging by the phones their technology is pretty adept...I'd say it was filmed in Japan...maybe. What a waste of my time to post this..maybe someone will read it and decide to take the video and spread it around...maybe they'll start a wildfire over the internet. Doubtful but hopeful. Reply Report

neat -1 points512 days ago

First intelligent comment I've seen on here. btw it's China, heard a bit chinese there like "太好吗?" Reply Report

milkyslut +13 points821 days ago

i dunno ever since i lost my virginity i keep craving something like this public with lots of anonymous people men and women using me for their fantasies Reply Report
young prostitute

young prostitute +11 points454 days ago

It's not a problem for girls like her, like me. Lots of guys do that to me in nightclubs, in front of friends and strangers. But I am a nympho, exhibitive, shameless girl. I am always ready, happy and proud to have that (and more) done to me in public. Reply Report

samanthadutchslut +10 points421 days ago

Just fucking hot to be used like this by a bunch of rough guys you never met before Reply Report

gomezaddams51 +8 points1886 days ago

Actually if you put alcohol in the ass or pussy, they get drunk super fast..just have to watch you don't alcohol poison them... To bad the photography sucks..need better light and camera..
Reply Report

astriditaly +8 points1886 days ago

i want too...... Reply Report

no +8 points1671 days ago

she's fucking smoking she is not against this Reply Report

Angel66 +8 points1032 days ago

she absolutely loves it...lucky girl Reply Report

doIt +7 points1325 days ago

its her fault for being drunk they should have done more nasty stuff to her pussy and she should open her legs wide and take it like the whore she is. Reply Report

bill +5 points1248 days ago

why she is greatest she provided fun time for guys, lovely pussy Reply Report

sam +3 points1248 days ago

I would go down and lick that pussy nice and clean Reply Report

niceguy66 +3 points525 days ago

i would suck her pussy , Reply Report

wtf   0 points1897 days ago

DRINKING.....your doing it wrong ! Reply Report

niceguy66   0 points405 days ago

i wished she was mine Reply Report

bob   0 points1456 days ago

wow this is making me so hard to see a naked girl Reply Report

notsosure   0 points1054 days ago

I may be old fashioned, but if you can smoke a cigarette during your rape, I'm not sure you can really call it rape. Reply Report

Billy23   0 points542 days ago

She got 25 comments . So this has to be real Reply Report

niceguy66   0 points490 days ago

is she single? Reply Report

niceguy66   0 points371 days ago

this makes me horney Reply Report

daddy7556   0 points292 days ago

mmm would love to fuck her Reply Report
non member nuumber 1

non member nuumber 1 -1 points1615 days ago

where was it filmed Reply Report

niceguy66 -1 points548 days ago

she has taken GHB,thats why she looses control, Reply Report

jakk -1 points199 days ago

What a fucking worthless pice of shit. She's perfect. Reply Report
Captain murica

Captain murica -4 points715 days ago

lol look at all those guys zooming in at the vayjay like it's some type of sensational discovery, fuking virgin faggots, had to take advantage of the drunk girl Reply Report

Billy23 -4 points542 days ago

This woman have some thing in her cigarette . He is very high and don't know what is going on around her and to her self . It maybe crack cocaine . Reply Report

punkman -8 points935 days ago

Someone with some sense would either stay home or watch how much they are drinking when in public. If this is how men where you live are known to act then you don't put yourself in the position to be targeted. They are using bottles to humiliate her and avoid stds. LOL Reply Report

Fuckallyou -9 points1319 days ago

Tell me who these guys are. I'll slaughter every one of them Reply Report

Jeje -9 points443 days ago

It's hard to see. Excuse my English I'm French. This little bastard rape this girl. What u think if she is your sister? Mdfk I fuck all of them. They harent man's. I like see food porn sex but that's not. Reply Report

Mistress. -11 points1758 days ago

This is very sad...Asians have no respect for their women or children. Reply Report

asif6062 -11 points1623 days ago

Bastards should be punished. How could anyone do that to a passed out girl? Assholes! Reply Report

fuck +5 points1065 days ago

I would Reply Report

tsss -12 points1509 days ago

mais c'est nul à chier ! Reply Report

Boring -20 points1065 days ago

If it were up to me I'd kill her. They should have smash the bottle into her face. Reply Report

punkman -16 points935 days ago

Filthy disgusting whore!! Reply Report