M/F dirty Fart in Face

Amateur Asslicking, fart in mouth and facesitting

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Anonymous +145 points2003 days ago

It's almost always videos of girls farting on guys. Why can't there be more the other way around, like this one? Reply Report

scatsubslut +6 points803 days ago

I volunteer! ;) Reply Report

allam +2 points1275 days ago

Hi at clips4sale. Studio 89350 has vids that blow this out of the water Reply Report

ravi -3 points1722 days ago

female's asshole look sexier than the male's when farting. Reply Report

amrita +7 points1722 days ago

female normally don't go to this sport. Reply Report

Asslickerformen +41 points1304 days ago

Farts are a manly thing, and when a man farts in a woman's face, it adds to the natural domination and control a masculine, stronger and bigger man should never lose. This video is so great, all fart fetish videos should be like this, male on female. It's nasty to me when it's the other way around. Reply Report

Treytor   0 points453 days ago

Not just videos, fart play in general. Pretty girls don't fart...they let guys fart on them! Reply Report

Asslickerformen   0 points269 days ago

@Treytor you're totally right. Women must be thankful if a stronger man farts on us, like a real man!! We must obey Reply Report

Gambler   0 points560 days ago

Well said, absolute truth, Reply Report

scatsubslut +1 points641 days ago

Agreed! Reply Report

mday5503 +2 points1033 days ago

Amen. Reply Report

vajesus +15 points1367 days ago

My god. I wish my bf would do this to me. He has loud farts. I'd eat his asshole for days if he'd let me Reply Report

zoks +11 points2077 days ago

i do this to my girl Reply Report

Kendick +11 points1781 days ago

Would love to dig that bitches face in my ass. I do know why I find it such a turn on, i fucking had a great orgasm watching this!! Shot a big load Reply Report
Girl fart sniffer.

Girl fart sniffer. +5 points1570 days ago

i would so love a guy to do this to me. Reply Report
The Greco

The Greco +10 points2064 days ago

Is it wrong that I hit orgasm to this? Reply Report
Tell It Like It Is

Tell It Like It Is +8 points768 days ago

I just hope that guy realizes that he's going to kiss her at some point after this. That means that he is eating his own ass out and tasting his own fart juice, doesn't it?! lol Oh and btw, if I were to do this to my girl, I would first eat about 6 tacos, 3 slices or pizza with everything on it, 1 can of beans with hot dogs, and 2 bowls of cereal with milk since I'm lactose intolerant (those that have it will get this) lol. Then, before I ripped a massive wet fart in her face, I would say : "Here's your early Christmas present!" LMFAO ;)) Reply Report

antifeminist +7 points620 days ago

every woman should be forced to kneel while a man farts in her face at least once as proper training Reply Report

anon +6 points1851 days ago

I agree this is a breath of fresh air...oh wait Reply Report

private_br0wsing +1 points842 days ago

lmfao nice dude Reply Report

guysplzfartonme +5 points1852 days ago

she is sooooooooooooooo lucky Reply Report

fartlicker +4 points2312 days ago

the best ever ! Reply Report

Ashok +4 points1714 days ago

loud farts don't stink. Reply Report
Tell It Like It Is

Tell It Like It Is +4 points768 days ago

Ok, so I still don't understand why the hell this isn't an Olympic sport yet? Imagine how proud you would feel up on the podium bowing down as they place the gold medal around your neck! Not to mention how proud you would be with all of your friends and family watching. What a great way to represent your country! lol Reply Report
female fartlover

female fartlover +3 points1279 days ago

does anyone know about more videos like this, when the man farts on a woman? have found a lot of videos where it is the other way around, but this is the first video I have found of a man farting on a woman... Reply Report

allam +4 points1275 days ago

Hey if u check out clips4sale. Studio number 89350 has far better man farting on girl clips than this. He takes it to a new level Reply Report

alam +2 points1275 days ago

If u go to clips4sale theres alot of videos under studio 89350 that has tons of farting clips better than this Reply Report

Mahfa +1 points711 days ago

Its not free
Reply Report

N/A +2 points836 days ago

I need a man to do this to me.. Reply Report
Fart loving kid

Fart loving kid +2 points836 days ago

I can't watch it ...m for some reason Reply Report

buttlad +1 points2117 days ago

i love it..... Reply Report

spanishfartlover +1 points35 days ago

I am a 20 yo bi guy and my 50 yo gay master do this to me and is the best gift i ever get, no words for describe the good feelings produce me. Ty for all male fart masters Reply Report

asseater   0 points2241 days ago

Yum Reply Report
matta datta

matta datta   0 points2140 days ago

mmmmm. Hot Reply Report

Pervydude   0 points1971 days ago

Is there a full video of this anywhere...?
Reply Report

annonn909   0 points1917 days ago

i want to fart on her Reply Report
facesitter xx

facesitter xx   0 points1615 days ago

me next plz I would smother her properly Reply Report
Fart Sniffer

Fart Sniffer   0 points503 days ago

need more of these videos. anyone know where more can be found? Reply Report

Faux   0 points284 days ago

A slut like me deserves to be in her place <3 Reply Report

MenDeserve2Fart   0 points175 days ago


Fartlover -1 points1600 days ago

I love doing this my bitch. Reply Report
Girl Fart Lover

Girl Fart Lover +7 points1562 days ago

Can i be your bitch please? Reply Report
hairy ass farter

hairy ass farter -9 points1871 days ago

did this to my mom today!!!!!!! Reply Report

frankw265 -11 points1443 days ago

Weak. Reply Report