Granny Takes Big Shit On The Streets

They are always complaining about the youth and think they can do everything they want. Someone kick her ass please!

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tiger +3 points2827 days ago

hey she didnt wipe! Reply Report

HeAvYr +2 points2019 days ago

to the non member me....If this offends you so much your on the wrong site Reply Report
APT 21

APT 21 +2 points1677 days ago

Granny has a Stoke City. Reply Report

peter +1 points2301 days ago

The granny barely can walk and had time to find a toilet. She couldn't suppress it. Reply Report

... +1 points1556 days ago

Didn't look as though it was a desperate shit...took too long.... Reply Report

Pandoz   0 points2345 days ago

the biggest piece is still in her pants :D :D what a cracked up granny is this? :D Reply Report

me -4 points2310 days ago

A very serious criminal offence. No matter who they are or how desperate they need to go. Personally, I would report this OAP to the police as it is way out of order! It is a public order offence - the offence of public indecency - and an offence to disharge human bodily waste in public with a fixed penalty notice of a fine of £80. Absolutely correct by the kids in the video - it is disgusting and TBH not a very nice sight for children - as it shows the reason why the law stands. It can shock anybody regardless and I am not impressed with this person's act of indecency. Call of nature or not. This person should be with someone who can take care of them. Then this act wouldn't be needed. That's my opinion. Reply Report