Traffic Accidents Videos

Guy Almost Fatally Hit On Highway
Duration: 00:23
Views 8293, Comments 0
Tags: dangerous, traffic, highway, broken car, car trouble
Showoff Biker Gets What He Deserves
Duration: 00:20
Views 10277, Comments 4
Tags: biker, stunting, dangerous, reckless, reckless driving
Girl dying on the road
Duration: 01:26
Views 28360, Comments 7
Tags: dead, dying, killed, accident, traffic accident
Big Pile of Mush
Duration: 00:37
Views 5644, Comments 0
Tags: Gore, Video, Traffic Accident
Reckless Bikers Cause Big Accident
Duration: 00:27
Views 18702, Comments 4
Tags: bikers, racing, motorcycles, accident, bike accident
Fatal Stabbing In Road Rage
Duration: 03:37
Views 13852, Comments 6
Tags: stabbing, stab, knife, road rage, brazil
Car Crashes Into Restaurant
Duration: 00:21
Views 15257, Comments 5
Tags: restaurant, car crash, dinner, dining, car
Idiot Can't See Road And Doesn't Slow Down...
Duration: 00:33
Views 15572, Comments 1
Tags: smoke, fog, accident, car crash, crash
Drunk Driving
Duration: 01:22
Views 3937, Comments 0
Tags: Death, Car accident, Thailand
Helicopter Take Down
Duration: 01:01
Views 21182, Comments 2
Tags: helicopter, take down, war, shoot down, crash
Cleaning up roadkill
Duration: 00:37
Views 66733, Comments 0
Tags: squashed, traffic victim, roadkill, killed, remains
Sudden Plane Crash At Drag Strip
Duration: 00:40
Views 79647, Comments 2
Tags: plane crash, drag strip, air ambulance, airplane, fatal
British Police Causes Motorcycle Accident
Duration: 00:30
Views 24563, Comments 10
Tags: bikers, accident, motorcycles, crash, fog
Bad Accident
Duration: 04:12
Views 8777, Comments 4
Tags: Car Crash, Gore, Death, Traffic Accidents
Robbery Gone Wrong
Duration: 04:26
Views 9491, Comments 2
Tags: Crash, Broken legs, on the run, run over
Car Crash
Duration: 01:24
Views 2672, Comments 0
Tags: Car Crash, Death, Accident
Paul walker crash and aftermath
Duration: 03:49
Views 30177, Comments 9
Tags: paul walker, killed, death, aftermath, fast and furious
Base Jumping Accident
Duration: 01:22
Views 106811, Comments 5
Tags: Base jumping accident, base jump, crash, accident, foot
When Base Jumping Goes Wrong
Duration: 01:22
Views 68066, Comments 11
Tags: base jumping, broken leg, broken foot, painful, crash
Suicide Bomb Explosion On Bus
Duration: 01:13
Views 7618, Comments 2
Tags: bomb, suicide, explosion, dashcam, suicide bomber
Insane Hit And Run
Duration: 00:37
Views 25810, Comments 5
Tags: hit and run, driver, car, on the run, runover
Biker Crashed And Died On Scene
Duration: 02:32
Views 56296, Comments 1
Tags: biker, accident, broken arm, nasty break, leg ripped off
Gunman Opens Fire at Police Officer on Highway
Duration: 01:11
Views 27665, Comments 10
Tags: shootout, police, cops, highway, dashcam
Range Rover Runs Over Bikers in NYC
Duration: 06:27
Views 28651, Comments 39
Tags: range rover, motorcycles, bikers, biker, ran over
Two Russian Girls Try To Cross The Road
Duration: 01:00
Views 19543, Comments 17
Tags: dark, night, dashcam, truck, hit
Helicopter Crashing at Syrian Border
Duration: 00:52
Views 19765, Comments 13
Tags: helicopter, war, syria, crash, heli crash
Horrible Aftermath Car Crash
Duration: 02:20
Views 31569, Comments 1
Tags: Horrible, Aftermath, Car, Car Crash, Truck
Drunk Driver Causes Accident
Duration: 00:20
Views 6500, Comments 3
Tags: Drunk, Drunk Driver, Driver Causes Accident, Accident, Killing
Fatal Motorcycle Accident
Duration: 01:00
Views 5719, Comments 5
Tags: Fatal, Motorcycle, Motorcycle Accident, Accident, Shocking
Why You Should Wear A Seatbelt
Duration: 00:32
Views 23175, Comments 3
Tags: taxi, crash, seatbelt, wear a seatbelt, truck
Bear Run Over By Motorcycle
Duration: 00:25
Views 6411, Comments 6
Tags: accident, brutal accident, fatal accident, brutal crash, crash
Cutting Off Cement Truck Driver...
Duration: 00:22
Views 18910, Comments 4
Tags: cement truck, truck, cement, crash, car crash
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