Shocking Videos

Duration: 07:58
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Tags: ukuraina21, marder, shocking
Missing boys found dead
Duration: 01:17
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Tags: Missing boys, boys, Advanced Decomp, Decomp, Water Tank
Surprise its dead
Duration: 01:07
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Death Video
Duration: 13:32
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Tags: shocking, death, japan
Celebration Ends In Death
Duration: 00:36
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Tags: Peter Biaksangzuala, football, sports, celebration, somersault
biker dead after head on crash
Duration: 00:37
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Tags: motorcycle, accident, head on, no helmet, windscreen
Crowded morgue
Duration: 02:33
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Tags: crowded morgue, corpses, dead bodies, morgue, donetsk
Horrible crime
Duration: 03:02
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Tags: murder, crime, women, rape, raped
BlueGirl70 0551
Duration: 01:11
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Tags: Weird, Dirty Knickers, Disgusting, Nasty, Indecent
Soapy Knickers 0103b2
Duration: 01:25
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Tags: Weird, Disgusting, Nasty, Indecent, Foul
suicida sexto piso
Duration: 00:07
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Tags: suicida, sexto, piso, muerte, shocking
Baby abused by mother
Duration: 04:37
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Tags: abused, beaten, baby, 11-Month-Old Son, father
Outdoor Enema 0921
Duration: 01:21
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Tags: Weird, Dirty Knickers, Disgusting, Nasty, Indecent
Video shows beheading of four Egyptians in Sinai
Duration: 06:19
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Tags: Beheading, Egyptian, Execution's, Gore, Blood
Mother abuses her own child
Duration: 02:58
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Tags: shocking, abuse, violence, russian, caught abuse
Indian Man Has Both Legs Cut Off by Train
Duration: 00:35
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Tags: Indian Man, Severed Legs, Train, Blood, Gore
Dead sewage baby
Duration: 01:10
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Tags: dead baby, aborted baby, baby, sewage, sewer drain
Sexy Soapy Knickers 085b
Duration: 01:13
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Tags: Weird, Dirty Knickers, Disgusting, Nasty, Indecent
MANGIATI VIVI AKA Eaten Alive Rape & Gore
Duration: 09:50
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Tags: Carnivore, Cult, Trash, Rape, Gore
Hostage Taker Executed
Duration: 00:27
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Tags: shocking, hostage taker, killed, shot death, hostage
"A BLOOD SMYPHONY" complete gore
Duration: 12:16
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Tags: Blood, Gore, Guts, Trash, MotherlessMX
Washing Up Knickers 202
Duration: 01:09
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Tags: Weird, Dirty Knickers, Disgusting, Nasty, Indecent
Machete Attack
Duration: 00:34
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Tags: Machete Attack, Disfigured Face, Shocking, Attack, Violence
Disgusting Panties 4349
Duration: 01:09
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Tags: Weird, Dirty Knickers, Disgusting, Nasty, Indecent
Mangled bodies of Malaysian Airliner MH17
Duration: 05:41
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Tags: Malaysian, Airline, Shotdown, Russia, Ukriane
Slow Juicy Enema 1453
Duration: 01:10
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Tags: Weird, Dirty Knickers, Disgusting, Nasty, Indecent
beating shy girl
Duration: 02:26
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Tags: beaten, violent, beat, shocking, humiliated
Police Shoot Suspect Outside 7-Eleven
Duration: 01:32
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Tags: dead, shot, kill, killed, shooting