Shocking Videos

Brazil-Boy Shot In The Head After A Party
Duration: 02:00
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Tags: Brazil, Shot, Dead, Murder
Drunk Driver Hits 12 Pedestrians
Duration: 01:00
Views 19213, Comments 3
Tags: drunk driver, drunk driving, accident, horrific, dead people
Woman Runs Over 3 People
Duration: 01:03
Views 4033, Comments 4
Tags: Beautiful, pussy, Woman, dead, die
14Yo Girl Shot Death By Boyfriend
Duration: 00:17
Views 68294, Comments 12
Tags: murder, murderer, shot death, dead girl, gun
Girl dying on the road
Duration: 01:26
Views 29048, Comments 7
Tags: dead, dying, killed, accident, traffic accident
Man Stabbed To Death In Brazilian Prison
Duration: 01:06
Views 7015, Comments 1
Tags: marituba, belem, brasil, facada, stab
Dead girl in panties
Duration: 01:00
Views 47177, Comments 4
Tags: dead girl, drowned, water, drunk, fell in
Blood Dedication Video For My Husband
Duration: 05:21
Views 1670, Comments 4
Tags: blood, gay, love, sweet
Leg ripped off in accident
Duration: 00:43
Views 17110, Comments 2
Tags: leg ripped off, leg amputated, lower leg, accident, motorcycle
Duration: 36:41
Views 19841, Comments 3
Tags: snuff, gore, murder, torture, motherlessmx
Africa: Aftermath Of Zombie Attack
Duration: 01:05
Views 24875, Comments 11
Tags: dead people, murdered, killed, africa, nigeria
maids caught cctv beat baby
Duration: 00:47
Views 4195, Comments 9
Tags: shocking, child abuse, beating, beat
Dead bikini girl
Duration: 02:35
Views 89648, Comments 7
Tags: dead girl, drown, bikini girl, girl in bikini, riverbed
Baby Crushed By Train
Duration: 00:18
Views 27022, Comments 11
Tags: indian, india, dead, horrific, train
Drowned South American beauty
Duration: 02:31
Views 44934, Comments 4
Tags: drowned, beauty, venezuela, beach, cpr
Murdered Woman Found In Bizarre Position
Duration: 00:50
Views 38807, Comments 3
Tags: dead woman, dead girl, murdered, murder victim
Biker Breaks His Neck
Duration: 02:29
Views 22532, Comments 7
Tags: biker, steel cable, break neck, dead, killed
Ass Self-Cutting And Whipping Part 1
Duration: 05:50
Views 4507, Comments 5
Tags: gay, blood, masochist, whipping, self-cutting
Ass Self-Cutting And Whipping Part 2
Duration: 05:54
Views 5863, Comments 2
Tags: gay, whipping, blood, masochist
Devastating Accident
Duration: 08:42
Views 3680, Comments 3
Tags: Accidents, Shocking, Video, Deaths
Biker cut in half
Duration: 01:10
Views 26347, Comments 3
Tags: cut in half, accident, biker, legs destroyed, lower body
Dog Piss Injecting And Drinking
Duration: 04:14
Views 16080, Comments 6
Tags: dog piss, pain, masochist, blood, gay
necrophile passion
Duration: 03:08
Views 5408, Comments 1
Tags: necrophile passion, necrophile, dead, corpse, bloody
Protesters and Photographer Under Fire in Kiev
Duration: 05:38
Views 14691, Comments 5
Tags: kiev, riot, ukraine, live fire, gunfire
needles in cock removed
Duration: 02:21
Views 4012, Comments 2
Tags: needle, cock, blood, cbt
Drive By Shooting
Duration: 00:51
Views 15098, Comments 2
Tags: Shocking, War, Drive, By, Death
Video Turned Out As Arm Torturing
Duration: 08:25
Views 6719, Comments 9
Tags: gay, sick, failed, blood
Neck Self Cutting Video
Duration: 08:43
Views 7867, Comments 12
Tags: blood, pain, masochist, self-cutting, gay
crisps slut
Duration: 01:01
Views 4681, Comments 0
Tags: crisps, slut, whore, scat, painful
Little Boy Eaten By Crocodile
Duration: 03:31
Views 39143, Comments 11
Tags: croc, crocodile, dead boy, dead, animal
Bathing With My Own Blood
Duration: 11:38
Views 2876, Comments 8
Tags: blood, pain, gay, masochist, sick