Execution Videos

Synchronized Beheading
Duration: 03:04
Views 209547, Comments 44
Tags: The Zetas, beheading, execution, terrorists, murder
Girl Nearly Decapitates Herself
Duration: 00:29
Views 52058, Comments 12
Tags: decapitation, near decapitation, close call, head smash, head
Child Decapitated By Syrian Army
Duration: 00:47
Views 115746, Comments 12
Tags: syria, decapitated, graphic, war, shelling.shelling army
Al Qaeda Beheading 2 Pakistani Men
Duration: 04:35
Views 127799, Comments 24
Tags: beheading, shocking, al qaeda, taliban, gore
New Beheading Video From Al Qaeda
Duration: 04:35
Views 94060, Comments 25
Tags: execution, beheading, al qaeda, murder, slit throat
Rapist Dies A Slow And Painful Death
Duration: 02:32
Views 213710, Comments 29
Tags: rapist, killed, execution, executed, murdered
Juventus fan gets executed
Duration: 01:20
Views 26316, Comments 5
Tags: juventus, hooligans, execution, shot, killed
Execution Aftermath in Syria
Duration: 01:04
Views 41861, Comments 6
Tags: killed, execution, syria, dead
Scared Man Gets Executed
Duration: 01:21
Views 163145, Comments 28
Tags: execution video, execution, executed, shot to death, shot
Cold Blooded Execution
Duration: 01:58
Views 51424, Comments 7
Tags: execution, lakeside, shot, killed, prisoner
Cruel Beheading With Sword
Duration: 00:44
Views 38166, Comments 7
Tags: beheading, execution, sword, killed
Execution in Syria
Duration: 00:52
Views 10853, Comments 3
Tags: bullets, execution, killed, syria
Beheading by sword
Duration: 01:08
Views 112230, Comments 14
Tags: beheading, sword, arabia, squirting, blood
Decapitated by sword
Duration: 00:41
Views 40569, Comments 12
Tags: decapitated, beheading, killed, execution, knife
AK47 Head Shot
Duration: 00:24
Views 96945, Comments 6
Tags: ak47, head shot, execution, killed, murder
Drugdealers Beheaded (Graphic video)
Duration: 12:49
Views 188131, Comments 35
Tags: beheading, mexico, graphic, dead, murder
Mexican drugdealer's last seconds
Duration: 03:33
Views 148793, Comments 11
Tags: drugdealer, mexico, cartel, beheaded, decapitated
Several Severed Heads
Duration: 02:17
Views 11109, Comments 1
Tags: execution, beheaded, decapitated, severed heads, heads
Man Beheaded By Taliban
Duration: 04:31
Views 67081, Comments 8
Tags: beheading, shocking, al qaeda, taleban, gore
12 Year Old Boy Cuts Off Man's Head
Duration: 03:12
Views 133759, Comments 31
Tags: beheading, shocking, al qaeda, taleban, gore
Multiple Girls Chopped Up By Cartel Members
Duration: 00:56
Views 104690, Comments 7
Tags: execution, dead, bodyparts, drugwar
Two Men Get Shot In The Face
Duration: 01:39
Views 39821, Comments 10
Tags: faceshot, shot, murdered, execution
Man decapitated
Duration: 00:16
Views 86488, Comments 16
Tags: decapitated, killed, murder, head cut off, execution
Los Diablos vs Los Zetas
Duration: 05:06
Views 146264, Comments 12
Tags: drugwar, los diablos, los zetas, murder, execution
Suicide bomber still smiling
Duration: 00:36
Views 120979, Comments 12
Tags: suicide bomber, bomber, terrorist, explosion, graphic
Beheading in Syria
Duration: 02:54
Views 228263, Comments 41
Tags: beheading, syria, killed, execution, throat slit
Decapitated train surfer
Duration: 00:47
Views 151514, Comments 4
Tags: Decapitated, train, surfer, dead, killed. kid
Duration: 01:37
Views 127204, Comments 10
Tags: accident, decapitated, spead, bloody, nasty
Don't fuck with the cartels
Duration: 14:06
Views 125917, Comments 15
Tags: cartel, skinning, beheading, mexico
This is why motorcycles are awesome
Duration: 00:31
Views 140919, Comments 1
Tags: biker, decapitated, dead, accident