Close Up On Girl Pissing

Up close shot of a cute babe peeing into the toilet.

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Cider - 830 days ago

Very young lovely fresh firm breasts ! Fantastic bareback pissing with her pussy lips opening themselves naturally by spreading under the pressure from the throw of the 'liquid' pooring out of her urethra. The volume of 6 glasses of water come out of her relieved bladder. There is no sperm coming out of her vagina as she had no sex before. Guess what it is... She aims the pan of the WC all rignt as there is no piss bisides it : congratulations ! The sound of the splashing of the urine stream in the WC is excellent as well as the close-up. Perfect job ! That very pretty, kind and good giirl does not need any unpleasant order given by a person any more as she has experience now. I would have loved to lick up the last drops and to clean her cunt with my tongue. I very surely am not the only one... men, lesbians, shemales. This perfect video is a real teaching one, a true pedagogical lesson for everyone and not only students... :-) :-) :-) I love so much watching girls peeing. There is nothing better than to see a woman piss through her so sweet pussy and to liste to the sound of it ! Agree ?

Hellin8 - 878 days ago

This girl is pissing sperms out of her pussy

fanfan - 753 days ago

she was raped then. and may have drank a glass of water before this