Brutal Beheading of Syrian Civilian

Jabhat al-Nusra Front, an armed wing of the FSA fighting under the flag of Al Qaeda released this video in which one of their militants brutally beheads a Syrian civilian.The man is decapitated by having his neck chopped at with a huge dagger.The jihadist then victoriously lifts the severed head up to the cheer of his terrorist mates.

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. - 984 days ago

All Islamics to some level are sick to the core.

As if the world doesn't have enough problems without these brainwashed lunatics.
fuck arabs

fuck arabs - 858 days ago

kill all arabs they are a less evolved primate race that needs to be made extinct

5pawsakademy - 963 days ago

TO nyte user, yes he should enter the world championship off beheading.
This being said this has nothing to do with or ever did, religion, yes they use machetes and it's an up close and personal story between the beheader and the beheaded, at list he got the conviction to do it with his own hands.. a carpet bombing or a sniper round achieve the same thing. killing is killing no matter how you look at it

wowowow - 813 days ago

to whoever think this is okay, rot in hell and suck a dick before

... - 488 days ago

to any religious person out there .. you are mentally retarded for believing in them stories you dumb fucks but if you are islamist you are really evil also ... its like what hitler was or vlad the impaler you get fun out of sick stuff even the meat you eat has to be tortured you sadistic scum

Nyte - 978 days ago

To the Bible fucker below:
stop going to all these videos to spread YOUR religious beliefs on others. If they want to be a religious dipshit and believe something that's just a bunch of stories, let them choose it on their own. And holy fuck that guy knows how to kill fast

rx - 821 days ago

wow he was fast ......