Dog Fucks Girl

Big ass dog fucks hentai girl's brains out.

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lol u gay

lol u gay - 173 days ago

I'm sorry which part is wrong the fact that its a cartoon or that they censored it

luczoolove - 204 days ago

love it so its so normal ,sex between humans and animals !!!!
dog sex

dog sex - 332 days ago

I ask this for myself, I am male
Dirty cunt

Dirty cunt - 339 days ago

I love to spread something tasty on my cunt and ass and let my little dog luck it all out , mmmm makes me horny as fuck
Master Bater

Master Bater - 395 days ago

My friend's daughter made me cum by forceing one to squirt in her mouth.
Science geek

Science geek - 531 days ago

You cannot shove an entire wine bottle into a womans pussy the vaginal canal is not long enough and if you push it into her womb that might tear an important organ and kill the woman or just send her to the hospital for several weeks so I am sorry but that part is highly illogical and not true
Sora Hanazawa

Sora Hanazawa - 550 days ago

Verry logical with the wine bottle part
little slut

little slut - 664 days ago

My b/f thinks it's my cum he's licking from my pussy, lol.

cunt - 814 days ago

I want to see real footage of a girl and a dog

Toad - 833 days ago

Awesome. If this turns you on look up Stray-X. Attractive woman loving dogs cock. Takes 7 one after the other

horny - 852 days ago

I love it when i wear short skirts and my dog licks deep inside my pussy and asshole. I let him mount me all the time, and dog cum tastes delicous ;)

Confuzzled - 852 days ago

What does she say?

shoney - 936 days ago

I love when my dog licks peanut butter off my cunt. I let him mount me all the time. He loves it. A dogs dick isnt huge but I cum when he licks me so I let im have some pussy or ass hole for reward.

Non-Member - 982 days ago

i am not gay, but i have been wanting to get fucked by a dog and to fuck one
Clive Moodley

Clive Moodley - 998 days ago

I stumbled by chance on this video. I was amazed how much the girl looks like me girlfriend, Taryn Govender. This video embarrassingly reminded me of what happened similarly 3 weeks ago. My girlfriend has a vicious dog as a family pet. She despises the dog because he always tries to attack her. Taryn is 24 years old and had th dog as a pup since 7 years. The dog has already bitten me twice. 3 weeks ago, I stayed the weekend at her home while her parents were on a ship cruize. I asked Taryn to dress up sexy in her office grey skirt and designer heels and a white blouse. We were having foreplay in her bedroom. Taryn lay on the carpet with her bum in the air while teasing me with glimpses of her panty under her skirt. Suddenly I saw her dog standing at the bedroom door, growling at me. Her dog attacked me and bit my hand. Taryn told me to remain still, just as she did. Suddenly I saw the dog mount Taryn and push his penis over her skirt against her bum area. I noticed the dogs penis get erect while he pushed it all over her skirt over bum area. I was astonished when Taryn's skirt lifted over her back and I saw her dog pushing his cock against her panty directly where her panty covered her vagina. I could see his penis making her panty wet where he thrusted his cock. Suddenly the dog started licking Taryn's panty by her vagina and then bit and tore off her panty. I was shocked. The dog started licked Taryn's naked puss and mounted her again and instantly grabbed and held his jaw on the back of her neck, so that she wouldn't move. I saw his cock get longer and very stiff. The dog pushed his cock directly inside Taryn's puss and started fcking her puss very hard and for at least 5 minutes by myy count. I thought he wouldn't stop. Suddenly I noticed the dog release his bite from Taryn's neck, and squeel while he appeared to cumm. He ran off afterwards. The dogs sperm poured for a while from Taryn's puss. I was most surprised when Taryn told me that she also came while the dog fcked her. She told me that she had sex with her dog many times and loves it.

No - 1014 days ago

I wish my dog fucked me

Anonymous - 1071 days ago

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random perv

random perv - 1074 days ago

just purely for shits and giggles does anyone have a translation of what she says at the start?

astriditaly - 1114 days ago

love real practice

hjmuyhrtgty - 1152 days ago

I can't believe they pixelated a fucking cartoon. These people are sick.