Girl pees in guy's mouth at outdoor festival

Naked girl pees guy in the mouth at kinky german outdoor festival.

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Cider - 789 days ago

OK, it's an outdoor festival and most of the participants are nearly totally naked. It’s very unlikely that this complete unclothed girl has been filmed pissing in a guy's mouth in the middle of the crowd without arranging the scene. They had to concert with the cameraman, no ? Moreover, the conditions for filming are extremely difficult. It's nearly unconceivable to have done it by accident, by chance and without preconcerted plan. If it isn't connived, it's just amazing and I raise my hat to the cameraman to have been there on the very right spot and at the very right time. What is this big hole he is filming through ? The guy is obviously ready to receive the girl's piss who urinates very precisely and nearly empties her bladder through her urethra with a nice piss though... They all go very naturally away as if nothing happened. This is a scene of action to remember… An excellent production… A very good stage-setting. Watch it several times as it goes so fast and the actors are marvellous. Congratulations to the three of them.

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