Woman forced to drink piss

This wasn't part of the agreement, but she couldn't do anything against it.

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lisa - 1047 days ago

When I was a freshman in college, I let my boyfriend tie me up like this with saran wrap, a tube, and a funnel. I thought he was just going to cum in the funnel and make me drink his cum through the tube. But he also had my elbows and wrists tied together above my head to the headboard, so I couldn't even resist as much as the girl in this video when I realized that my boyfriend was actually pissing into the funnel. I wound up swallowing his entire load of piss because I really didn't have any choice. I had to either drink his piss load or drown. So I drank it. Then, he flipped me onto my stomach, cut a hole through the saran wrap near my asshole and pussy, and then fucked me ass-to-pussy-to-ass-to-pussy for about 45 minutes.

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