Old man fucks passed out teen girl

Poor girl had no clue why she was covered in cum when she woke up.

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xxx - 801 days ago

is it part of the rapist's kit now that he has to have a cameraman accompany him as every rape vid always has a dude filming it.

lovelilacs - 236 days ago

My dad used to do this to me just about every night. After my mom would leave for work 11pm shift, my dad would come in my bedroom. In the beginning he would just suck my breasts and rub my clit while he masturbated. I would pretend to be asleep and then as time went on he would use my hand to masturbate, he would always cum on my breast as I got older he got bolder, he started rubbing his dick up and down on my slit and he would whisper in my ear how nice my pussy feels and how much he wanted to fill it with his cock. "Can daddy cum inside you" he would whisper and I still pretended to sleep (secretly wanting him) One night while he was rubbing up and down across my clit I shifted quickly and forced him into my vagina suddenly. He shuddered and said "Oh fuck, oh fuck" and he started fucking me just like in this video except he kept saying "I'm gonna cum in your pussy baby, oh god, fuck yeah oh baby, does it feel good baby. This video reminds me of my dad god that man loved to fuck! After that night he took me every way he could, every chance he got and I pretended to sleep but it was sooo good!

Xxx - 467 days ago