Public wanker at nudist beach

Topless chick gets shocked by public wanker.

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The Anal Truth

The Anal Truth - 1045 days ago

Guys quit with the almighty posturing and let's get real here huh? Look if a woman is going to do display herself like that out in public can you really blame the type of attention she'll earn? Seriously you're just being naive. Aside from her topless tits... She's wearing a fucking thong. Don't give me the whole panty line shit feminist spew. This ladies ass is just as invitation for some nice white jizz.

Coffee - 977 days ago

Welll...I'm a woman. And If someone did that to me I'd probably laugh at the situation, then tell them they have a nice cock. Maybe even help em out. I don't know why I dont find this creepy at all, but, I'm sick in the head.

bevis - 1529 days ago

The Anal Truth Thanks Coffee

The Anal Truth Thanks Coffee - 965 days ago

Thank you Coffee. It's good to know there's hope for us when were surrounded by stuck up bitches who keep shoving politically correct garbage down others throats in a poor attempt to get laid. Some of these people act like the poor guy shot the lady to death with a shotgun or something. Trust me you aren't sick; you're just somebody who hasn't buried her sense of humor unlike this lot. =)

Non-Member - 842 days ago

He should have fucked her.
The Anal Truth Fucks Up RIEGEL's

The Anal Truth Fucks Up RIEGEL's - 943 days ago

The points I made seems to have gone over Riegel's head since he's busy pounding his distracted behind across my dick. Of course if some lady was butt naked on a nudist sanctuary she wouldn't (or shouldn't need to) be expecting any sexual attention.

Clearly the choice of panties and the manner this woman goes about tanning doesn't click with sensible nudist philosophy. Nice weather, a huge beach towel, and hardly any rowdy sports activities to say fly sand into the ladies snatch. And if you're taking the time to get a tan by reading you'll want a thorough tanned figure; I mean after all it would like akward with a alabaster bird spread across your butt.

Put all this together and this doesn't make a fucking ounce of sense for a nudist. No if anything this lady is a secret exhibitionist as all the obvious clues point to her so blatantly as hard and unwavering as that brave dick did. Now get off your high horse and my dick Riegel and grow up. lol

ridiculous - 857 days ago

so what she can breeze threw the beach with near perfect perky tan supple tits but i can't let my blazing hard cock of steel that looks like Mr. olympia out for some fresh air? well fuck that.. hard.

Whatev's - 825 days ago


MoonBat - 812 days ago

You pussy ass men are worst than the phony, full-of-shit feminists. You want to use laws to wipe out nature and biology, except when it's convenient for you, like when you can use sexuality and men's biology to get their attention to sell them shit which serves your interest, which unintentionally is tacit acknowledgment of the actual truth and reality, but the truth is that a sexy woman's body triggers a physiological, biological and physical response. Just seeing that is enough to trigger an intense reaction. That is the very source of an erection and the very source of sex. Sex does not exists without it. But feminists in concert with pussy ass men have worked the last 30 years to turn men into walking dildos. Your desires are not allowed, but you're expected to perform like a human dildo when a woman decides that she wants you to, solely for the purpose of doing what she wants. I don't fully support what this guy did, but I understand the sentiment, and I'm glad that he's fighting against all you other assholes who are completely full of shit. Wank on, dude.

1111 - 183 days ago

i loved it !! I'm a female ! But I just wish that at the end when she saw it she would've freaked out and been like eww go away
to anal truth From RIEGEL

to anal truth From RIEGEL - 958 days ago

you need to learn self-control I don't give a flying fuck if she was butt ass naked that still doesn't give you the liberty or the right to do something so fucking low cause in your head she has neon signs around her ass saying free agent why don't go talk to her and flirt no you and other sick fucks want cum on them and scar alot of them and the case with coffee she and many other females are rare I want you try some shit like that in my city you'll just be signing your own death literally cause someone is bound to heat your ass if you know what i mean
but still go and help for your ass and damn sure others sake

Non-Member - 691 days ago

He is the KING of all jizz assassins

Pirate - 735 days ago

she was so hot , i saw her face , i would have given her a lot more cum for that harsh sunlight

......... - 1029 days ago

A lot of people with no life trying to justify this. No wonder you are alone.

*RIEGEL* - 982 days ago

how the fuck can you justify his actions ? that girl shouldn't have to dress fully or stay on alert cause bitch ass creepy ass no pussy getting muthafuckas like you and this guy are trying to sexually assault her and many other girls too . guys like you and this guy are the reason why they don't even come back to the nude beaches
get laid and stop having sex with your goddamn hands go get pussy n ass

BigWhiteCock - 1478 days ago

It's assholes like him who make women not want to go to Nude beaches anymore! I remember the old glory days when there were thousands of nudists on the beaches during the hot summer days, now it's overrun with bunch of fucking perverted swingers and fags!

... - 1048 days ago

He should be in jail.

AL - 1064 days ago


HunterOfPrimitive - 1525 days ago

Getting so a cute girl can't even tan. you simple minded guys do realize you make it worse for yourselves, whereas if you learned self control you'd see naked girls more often, because of those who care not to have even the smallest of self respect, let alone the respect for others, there will come a time where all girls will look like Arabs, i.e, covered more than a skier on a snow covered mountain there to actually ski! Think about it pervs

zombie - 1525 days ago

non member

non member - 1529 days ago

DO NOT attempt anything like this, it is wrong and will get you in big trouble. I'll repeat that... DO NOT attempt doing this anywhere!