Drunk teen raped by old fat man

She was too drunk to resist herself from this creep.

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frankw265 - 507 days ago


sylar2013 - 519 days ago

wasted oppurtunity, he should have at least cum all over her face so she knew who she was fucking with

Rowdy - 700 days ago

In college, I was at a party and went into one of the bedrooms and saw a drunk little hard body 16 year old passed out on the top bunk of some bunk beds. She was my buddies little sister who had obviously tried to join the party. She had passed out and there was throw up all over her pillow. I pulled her little jammies off and exposed one of the cutiest little pussies I have seen. It had just a wisp of hair, swollen lips, and as I put my finger inside, I found it to be soaking wet. I started eating her and as drunk as she was, she started moaning like a little whore. Other than the moaning, however, she was just dead meat. She tasted so fresh, and her soaking wet pussy started pulsating. I have a seven inch fat cock, and I could see no way I could get inside her....but I had to try. I spread her legs, and started putting my rock hard cock inside her. Getting the first two inches in was kinda hard, but once I did that, I slammed the rest in with really hard thrusts. In her drunken and passed out state, she started lifting her hips up to meet my hard thrusts, and I buried my whole cock in that tight little 16 year old pussy up to the balls. Afraid this would wake her, I just layed there for about five minutes and enjoyed the trememdous pressure on my cock. Her tight little twat seemed to be super squeezing my now swollen 7 inch cock. Without even moving, I felt an orgasm coming on, and could not stop it. I blew a load like I never have before, and at the same time felt her shiver and shake a little like she felt the huge river of cum I blew inside her. I layed there until I went limp, and her tight pussy still had an unbelievable hold of my soft cock. I struggled to pull it out, inch by inch, and finally it popped out of there like a cork. She actually let out a sad little moan when it finally popped out. I got up and left her in her puke, and never told a soul....Right place at the right time. Rowdy

-_- - 777 days ago

Candy is so fucking good

robert - 817 days ago

ur 14 teen and u need raping ?

.-. - 846 days ago


.-; - 846 days ago

im 14 and need raping
ofcourse its rape

ofcourse its rape - 849 days ago

I could see her being drunk. I've raped Tons of bitches, and half of the time i rape them when they're drunk. They act the exact same way that this whore did. LOVE the creampie! Good job brother! Teach that slut a lesson!

beedee241 - 891 days ago

She's hornier than she is drunk...therefore it's not truly rape. BTW she's *PRIME*!

turbo - 994 days ago

she was not raped she was injoying it as god intented for her to do

Tom - 1009 days ago

I'd do the same

Yuck! - 1031 days ago

So fucking Creepy! Biggest mistake of her life

hot - 1082 days ago

gorgeous pussy and sexy feet, I would creampie her.

alex - 1181 days ago

nice babe i wish i fucked her i can fuck her day and night oops my sperm come out
not rape

not rape - 1465 days ago

At 3:35 you see her move hand to help him put it back in.

Muahahahaha - 1544 days ago

Shame the girls spoilt on a fat shit! Great breasts, smooth pussy, good skin, cute face! What more could you want? Obviously a mass of lard to boot :P
Nice watching for the girl though even if the guy was struggling to find the hole :P