Teen Girl Caught Taking A Shit In Elevator

Security camera records teen girl taking a shit in shopping malls elevator.

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Non-member - 945 days ago

Agree with orangeguys post. Interesting clip - I got some background info. From what I understand the blonde girl asked a security guard in the mall where the toilets were. They were on another floor and so she rushed off to the elevator. The security guard then tipped off the staff in the security station who decided to play a trick on her by preventing the elevator controls from working. Once the door closes she repeatedly presses the button to get the lift to move - but of course nothing happens because the security station guys have overidden the controls. She squats/kneels down on the elevator floor perhaps to try and relieve the pressure in her ass. At 0:57 she tries to get the elevator to move again and in increasing desperation presses a different button at 1:00 probably to try to get the door to at least open. She then wiggles her hips at 1:11 (poo dance i.e.sign of desperation) and presses a few more buttons in a final panicked attempt to make the elevator move or the door open. At 1:14 she must have had an imminent 'turtlehead' and so had no option but to drop her enormous load in the corner. From the sheer size of her shit pile she didn't just really need to go - she must have REALLY NEEDED TO GO. If you watch in fullscreen you'll see what I mean - she must eat a lot of fibre! The guys in the security camera station are laughing and one says "poopoo" at 1:22. The girl notices the security camera in the ceiling at 1:24 and in embarrassment quickly gets up and pulls down her skirt. It seems as though she probably had not quite finished.... the security station guys then release the door lock.
The blonde darts out of the elevator and a brunette lady walks in. The security station staff switch to another ceiling camera to watch her face as she eyeballs the fresh coils of poop on the floor a couple of feet away. She gets out pretty quickly..probably to get some fresh air.
I can't criticise the blonde girl though. It's obvious she didn't have diarrhea; just a bum full of poop that she really couldn't hold in a second longer. Thinking she was stuck in the lift would have only added to the feeling of desperation. Al least she pooped in the corner otherwise the brunette woman would have probably stepped right in it. As for the guys in the security room at least they didn't open the elevator door when she was pooping on the floor..now that would have been REALLY embarrassing for her (and the brunette waiting for the elevator) :-O

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