Girl Kidnapped And Molested

Blonde innocent girl kidnapped and fucked by pervert guys.

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jessica - 812 days ago

Now thats what all of us women even if we will not admitt it we all need to do done that way once as we turn 18 and done that way everyday our whole lives or even with more men in all of our openings.

angelique21 - 354 days ago

Hi Jessica you are so right. I had my first DP on my 15th Birthday. It was my present to me. I loved every second of it and now DP as often as I can. I was raped on holiday by 7 black guys in a boathouse. I admit I was asking for it and so it wasn't really rape but it went on from early evening till the next day. I enjoyed it sooooo much that I went back to the guy who did it and asked for him to do me again before I flew home with my parents. This time there was another 2 and the 9 of them fucked me on the beach, in the sea and in the boat house. They used me like a whore for over 24 hours, it was great. I come from a wealthy background where every one runs round me like servants because my family is so rich. There is nothing I can't demand and get. But in my private world instead of being treated like a princess I want to be used, abused and fucked like a slut. May be I need to meet Max Hardcore to be really abused.

Non-member - 832 days ago

Always fantasie about been raped. ..

grasskicker - 899 days ago

At least it's in sync, most copys you run into arn't

skram - 882 days ago

Love heavy r
not great

not great - 987 days ago

these guys made too much noise. It really turned me off

Meat ur maker69

Meat ur maker69 - 722 days ago

Ikr u can't jerk it with two men moaning in the background

xyz - 195 days ago

this video seems like real i think it must be reported to police station