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Muslim Extremists Cut Two Thieves Hands Off
Duration: 04:44
Views 4017, Comments 1
Tags: hands, brutal, syria, bloody, robber
Boy Lost Both Lower Legs
Duration: 00:31
Views 4083, Comments 1
Tags: kid, boy, lower legs, lost legs, no legs
Brutal Murders At Brazilian Prison Riot
Duration: 01:20
Views 8821, Comments 1
Tags: prison, jail, riot, dead, beheaded
Woman Kicked In The Head By Horse
Duration: 00:15
Views 11199, Comments 6
Tags: horse, horse riding, kicked, kick, painful
Possessed By A Demon
Duration: 14:20
Views 15076, Comments 3
Tags: demon possession, possessed, demon, self inflicted cuts, cutting
Boss Finds Sleeping Employee
Duration: 01:12
Views 15973, Comments 3
Tags: sleeping, boss, employee, lazy, punishment
Duration: 04:59
Views 2337, Comments 0
Girl lynched and set on fire
Duration: 04:37
Views 18649, Comments 11
Tags: lynching, lynched, beaten, set on fire, killed
Mountain Biker Takes Scary Fall
Duration: 00:24
Views 21735, Comments 2
Tags: mountain biking, bicycle, mountain, fall, steep
Extreme Road Rage Violence
Duration: 02:38
Views 43838, Comments 3
Tags: road rage, sword, big knife, cars, violence
Young Man Executed By ISIS With RPG
Duration: 02:37
Views 44298, Comments 7
Tags: Young Man Executed By ISIS With RPG, ISIS, death
Sicaria Quemada
Duration: 04:39
Views 4004, Comments 8
Tags: Quemada Viva, viva, sicaria
Selfie Rollover Accident
Duration: 01:07
Views 33049, Comments 8
Tags: car crash, hippies, singing, rollover accident
Degloved leg after accident
Duration: 00:31
Views 5316, Comments 0
Tags: accident, motorcycle accident, degloving, degloved leg, skinned
Male corpse missing penis
Duration: 00:34
Views 3275, Comments 0
Tags: bloated corpse, corpse, dead body, kidnapped, missing genitals
swallow it slave !
Duration: 00:17
Views 1527, Comments 0
Tags: male, scat, diarrhea
Bull vs Wheelchair
Duration: 00:24
Views 15224, Comments 1
Tags: bull, bull fight, wheelchair
Family Plowed By Train While Posing For Photo
Duration: 01:10
Views 26973, Comments 7
Tags: train, posing, photo, dangerous, train tracks
Crazy Midget With A Gun
Duration: 02:01
Views 20167, Comments 1
Tags: midget, gun, crazy, insane, dangerous
Toreador gored by bull
Duration: 00:55
Views 4131, Comments 1
Tags: bullfighter, Toreador, bull, stabbing, gored
Bus Runs Red Light Right Into Pedestrians
Duration: 00:18
Views 3480, Comments 0
Tags: crosswalk, pedestrians, bus, accident, runover
Drug Dealer Shot In Head
Duration: 00:23
Views 23207, Comments 1
Tags: drug dealer, shot, head
Unexpected Squirting
Duration: 01:57
Views 39218, Comments 4
Tags: squirting, real squirting, squirt, black, ebony
Guiltiest Dog In The House
Duration: 01:43
Views 18348, Comments 5
Tags: dog, animal, pet, guilty
Woman Stabbed and Decapitated
Duration: 02:12
Views 28655, Comments 8
Tags: stabbed, slashed, decapitated, cut, woman
Bull Destroys Matador
Duration: 00:15
Views 27759, Comments 8
Tags: Jiménez Fortes, bull fight, bull, matador
Woman Beheading In Brazil
Duration: 02:12
Views 125350, Comments 9
Tags: Woman Beheading In Brazil, brazil, beheading
Girl Raped and killed by 4 Mens
Duration: 02:13
Views 37868, Comments 4
Tags: gore, blood, shocking, machete, girl
Beheading Head In Prison
Duration: 00:31
Views 43915, Comments 0
Tags: head, prison, death
Playing With A Beheading Head In Prison
Duration: 02:27
Views 37493, Comments 0
Tags: playing, head, prison
young mang cry
Duration: 02:12
Views 1588, Comments 1
Tags: leg, cry, young
Shot by Mexican police
Duration: 01:01
Views 5320, Comments 1
Tags: shootout, mexican, mexican police, police, shot by police
Rapist Hacked By Machete
Duration: 02:35
Views 34290, Comments 0
Tags: rapist, machete, hacked
Fury Day
Duration: 02:51
Views 8690, Comments 1
Tags: fury day, fired, police
Upskirt Peeking  0116
Duration: 01:13
Views 772, Comments 0
Tags: Upskirt, Stockings, Panties, Knickers, Suspenders
Man Wiped Out By Exploding Tire
Duration: 00:10
Views 12107, Comments 2
Tags: exploding tire, tire, explosion, garage
Penis rash gone bad
Duration: 02:32
Views 6917, Comments 0
Tags: penis, cock, dick, penis head, infection
Windy Stockings 2343
Duration: 03:04
Views 599, Comments 1
Tags: Upskirt, Stockings, Panties, Knickers, Suspenders