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Tortured and crucified
Duration: 04:36
Views 2202, Comments 3
Tags: torture, tortured, crucified, Crucify, Torch
Black Babysitter Abuses Child In Uganda
Duration: 01:58
Views 1080, Comments 4
Tags: abuse, beat, beaten, beating, child
Prison stabbing
Duration: 00:18
Views 964, Comments 0
Tags: Prison stabbing, murder, stabbed, inmates, knife
Ver graphic : necrophilia sex and gore video
Duration: 06:02
Views 1497, Comments 2
Tags: schocking, grafic, rape, necophilia, gore
Slave black Females Forced to have Sex while being whipped
Duration: 08:13
Views 1520, Comments 1
Tags: slave, slavery, black, ebony, whipped
Half Naked Raped Woman Found Murdered with Multiple Gun Shot
Duration: 00:47
Views 798, Comments 0
Tags: schocking, rape, rapad, rapist, forced
girl Found still Alive  Naked  after been raped by 3 men
Duration: 02:18
Views 1449, Comments 0
Tags: rape, raped, rapist, naked, nude
Young Girl Raped, Murdered And Consumed By Wild Animals!
Duration: 01:35
Views 1448, Comments 1
Tags: shocking, murder, murdered, killed, rape
Justice Served To Hit And Run Driver
Duration: 02:42
Views 4374, Comments 0
Tags: street justice, hit and run, flee, caught, beaten
Prisoner Stabbed To Death
Duration: 00:18
Views 7903, Comments 4
Tags: stabbing, stab, murder, stab to death, prisoners
Missile Fire
Duration: 02:22
Views 11798, Comments 0
Tags: missile, tow missile, war, explosion
Examining dead pussy
Duration: 11:57
Views 24820, Comments 1
Tags: autopsy, Examination, dead, deceased, elderly woman
Duration: 02:20
Views 1859, Comments 0
Tags: necrofilia, perro, necro, sangre, muerto
Girl dead in huge pool of blood
Duration: 01:06
Views 7278, Comments 1
Tags: pool of blood, blood loss, accident, girl, dead
Dead Woman Raped After Accident
Duration: 00:54
Views 119024, Comments 3
Tags: necrophilia, dead woman, dead naked girl, dead girl, rape victim
unpacking Disgusting diabetic foot
Duration: 01:54
Views 4750, Comments 1
Tags: diabetic foot, gauze, stuffed, foot, cavity
Man Kills Cheating Girlfriend
Duration: 01:26
Views 36095, Comments 11
Tags: murder, kill, brutal, smash head, shotgun
Recopilación GOR
Duration: 03:39
Views 4044, Comments 1
Killed in accident
Duration: 00:59
Views 12485, Comments 2
Tags: car crash, ejected, car, crash, killed
Crazed Man With A Machete
Duration: 02:56
Views 17918, Comments 6
Tags: machete, crazed man, cut hair, psychopath
Elderly Abuse By German Girls
Duration: 01:30
Views 24206, Comments 5
Tags: elderly abuse, push, old woman, german, bullies
poker house rape scene
Duration: 02:45
Views 4845, Comments 3
Tags: ir, interracial, interacial, rape, young
Pitbull Gets A Taste For Blood
Duration: 00:31
Views 18741, Comments 2
Tags: pitbull attack, dog, attack, pitbull
Woman Hit By Brick From Truck
Duration: 00:29
Views 30575, Comments 1
Tags: brick, truck, death
Man Dies Hit By Tire 2
Duration: 01:40
Views 1918, Comments 1
Tags: man dies, hit by tire, death
Man Dies Hit By Tire
Duration: 00:41
Views 1670, Comments 1
Tags: man dies, hit by tire, death
Top 10 Things Found On Human Body
Duration: 12:00
Views 26770, Comments 0
Tags: human, body, parasite
Cutting tits with razor
Duration: 05:11
Views 2856, Comments 0
Tags: bondage, slave, torture, pain, bdsm
Suicide bomber leftovers
Duration: 00:27
Views 16954, Comments 2
Tags: Suicide bomber, bomb, head, legs, ripped
Pedestrians Run Over
Duration: 01:03
Views 9236, Comments 3
Tags: bad driving, reverse, car, accident, run over
Driver Stuck In Car After Brutal Accident
Duration: 01:13
Views 9291, Comments 0
Tags: stuck, accident, trucks, car
Half Naked Raped Woman Found Murdered with Multiple Gun Shot
Duration: 00:47
Views 19206, Comments 1
Tags: rape, raped, murder, killed, crime
Dead Teen Girls Body Found Raped and Decomposing-
Duration: 01:48
Views 6799, Comments 0
Tags: shocking, murder, crime, dead, rape
Heart still beating
Duration: 00:34
Views 18980, Comments 0
Tags: heart, beating heart, beating, accident, horrible
Head Full Of Maggots
Duration: 01:27
Views 21768, Comments 2
Tags: head, maggots, full
Extremely Bad Parenting From China
Duration: 01:42
Views 11791, Comments 3
Tags: bad parenting, punish, mother, china, angry mom
Dead woman in bag
Duration: 00:47
Views 9833, Comments 0
Tags: strangled, husband, woman, killed, murder
feto encontrado en playa de brasil
Duration: 00:42
Views 1890, Comments 1
Tags: feto, bebe, ultrashocking, gore, impactante
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