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Duration: 01:34
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Pile of dead bodies in the back of a van
Duration: 06:04
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Tags: Gore, Bombing, Dead Bodies, Africa, Shocking
Suicide From A Radio Tower
Duration: 00:12
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Tags: Suicide, Death, Reality
AQI execute little boy for spying
Duration: 00:22
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Tags: Execution, Shot, Syria, Al Qaeda, Iraq
Boy Survives A Bullet In The Eye
Duration: 00:49
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Tags: Eye, Bullet, Shot, Boy, War
Los Aliados members dismember guy hanging from a ladder.
Duration: 11:58
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Tags: gore, mexico, cartel, dismemberment, torture
Both legs broken
Duration: 01:15
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Tags: blood, broken, broken legs, accident, covered in blood
The Academy Maniacs Post Mortem Mutilation
Duration: 02:04
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Tags: mutilate, mutilation, stab, murder, killer
Suicide Bomber Detonates Explosive Belt
Duration: 00:41
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Tags: explosion, belt, suicide bomber
Shot in the head and still moving
Duration: 02:00
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Tags: head shot, shot in head, twitching, moving, bleeding
Sliced Melon
Duration: 00:27
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Tags: Sliced, Head, Skull, Gaping wound, Brain's
Mangled Face
Duration: 00:47
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Tags: Mangled, Face, Woman
Wife Beater Owned
Duration: 04:16
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Tags: beating, beaten, fight
Compilação Execuções
Duration: 11:53
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Tags: Compilação Execuções, mortes, siria, tiros, fuzil
BOOM Headshot-Compilation
Duration: 02:38
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Tags: Execution, Death, Reality, Murder, Compilation
Cold Blooded Murder Caught On CCTV
Duration: 04:11
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Tags: murder, cold blooded murder, killed, cctv
Syria-Man Executed In A Street
Duration: 02:30
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Tags: Syria, Murder, War, Reality
Tazing Won't Work On This Guy
Duration: 02:09
Views 16611, Comments 6
Tags: tazered, tazer, tazing, badass, tough guy
Bull Takes Revenge On Unlucky Guy
Duration: 00:56
Views 20712, Comments 10
Tags: bull, bull fight, gored, animal attack
Idiot With Gun
Duration: 00:06
Views 15540, Comments 9
Tags: gun, fail, showoff
Chechens Chasing An Escaped Bear
Duration: 00:26
Views 9706, Comments 2
Tags: bear, escaped animal, animal, catch
Guy Almost Fatally Hit On Highway
Duration: 00:23
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Tags: dangerous, traffic, highway, broken car, car trouble
Man Run Over 4 Times and Killed In Brazil
Duration: 01:27
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Tags: accident, run over, brazil, viamao, porto alegre
Upside Down Beating
Duration: 02:35
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Tags: beating, hang, somali, street justice
Indonesians Punish a Thief
Duration: 01:05
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Tags: Thief, Beaten, Locals, Punish, Steal
Syria-Two Men Executed In The Street
Duration: 01:17
Views 1559, Comments 2
Tags: Syria, War, Reality, Murder
Massagem Cardíaca
Duration: 00:53
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Tags: massagem, Cardíaca, Samu
Brutal Beheading
Duration: 01:37
Views 45582, Comments 10
Tags: Brutal Beheading, cutting, cut off, neck, knife
Showoff Biker Gets What He Deserves
Duration: 00:20
Views 11615, Comments 4
Tags: biker, stunting, dangerous, reckless, reckless driving
Lots Of Executed Bodies
Duration: 01:41
Views 1890, Comments 1
Tags: Ececuted, Death, Reality
Driver impaled
Duration: 01:08
Views 2976, Comments 2
Tags: truck driver, driver, impaled, impaled by tree, accident
Duration: 00:54
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Tags: Decapitação2, gore, sangue
Duration: 01:37
Views 33546, Comments 4
Tags: Decapitação, morto, b rasil
Two Big Boobed Woman Stripped And Beaten
Duration: 03:54
Views 39746, Comments 10
Tags: fight, bitch fight, big boobs, boobs
Purse Snatcher Beats Up Woman On Bus
Duration: 01:35
Views 31359, Comments 7
Tags: thief, violent, robbery, purse snatcher, woman beaten
Brazil-Boy Shot In The Head After A Party
Duration: 02:00
Views 2725, Comments 5
Tags: Brazil, Shot, Dead, Murder