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Estudante decapitada
Duration: 01:22
Views 4386, Comments 2
Tags: beheaded, student, decapitada
Cortado ao meio
Duration: 03:17
Views 11212, Comments 3
Tags: cortado, meio, trem
maggots feasting on severed head
Duration: 00:30
Views 1362, Comments 0
Tags: severed head, blown up, soldier, ukraine, maggots
Disgusting Panties 4349
Duration: 01:09
Views 1534, Comments 0
Tags: Weird, Dirty Knickers, Disgusting, Nasty, Indecent
Mangled bodies of Malaysian Airliner MH17
Duration: 05:41
Views 4053, Comments 2
Tags: Malaysian, Airline, Shotdown, Russia, Ukriane
Slow Juicy Enema 1453
Duration: 01:10
Views 2291, Comments 1
Tags: Weird, Dirty Knickers, Disgusting, Nasty, Indecent
Inmates Beaten Up In Angola Prison
Duration: 02:44
Views 17308, Comments 7
Tags: prisoners, inmates, prison, beaten, painful
Crazed Man In Elevator Stabs Everyone Inside
Duration: 01:05
Views 15028, Comments 6
Tags: elevator, stabbing, crazed man, knife, kill
NYPD Kills Black Man With Choke Hold
Duration: 02:05
Views 19288, Comments 9
Tags: choke hold, choked to death, nypc, police, cops
beating shy girl
Duration: 02:26
Views 7572, Comments 10
Tags: beaten, violent, beat, shocking, humiliated
Cold Blooded Execution By Hitman Biker
Duration: 00:18
Views 24957, Comments 1
Tags: execution, murder, killed, hitman, shot death
Fat Woman On Drugs Freaks Out In Subway
Duration: 00:54
Views 9148, Comments 4
Tags: fat, plumper, fat woman, drugs, bad trip
Panties Soiled 5220
Duration: 01:26
Views 1529, Comments 0
Tags: Weird, Dirty Knickers, Disgusting, Nasty, Indecent
Headless girl
Duration: 01:22
Views 41457, Comments 5
Tags: Headless girl, Headless, beheaded, decapitated, schoolgirl
Police Shoot Suspect Outside 7-Eleven
Duration: 01:32
Views 24463, Comments 0
Tags: dead, shot, kill, killed, shooting
Epic Suicide At Element 11 Festival
Duration: 02:54
Views 19366, Comments 3
Tags: suicide, burning, camp fire, fire, bonfire
Cortado ao meio em acidente de moto
Duration: 01:22
Views 12986, Comments 0
Tags: acidente, moto, brazil
Perna e cabeça
Duration: 02:14
Views 13239, Comments 0
Tags: acidente, moto, brazil
Rape victim burned
Duration: 01:14
Views 51027, Comments 1
Tags: rape, murder, killed, stick raped, vagina
ISIS Executions02
Duration: 01:20
Views 23136, Comments 1
Tags: ISIS, Executions, Iraq
ISIS Executions01
Duration: 04:24
Views 23420, Comments 2
Tags: isis, executions, iraq
Gruesome fire torture of Emily X in extreme dungeon dominate
Duration: 05:37
Views 12128, Comments 4
Tags: Gruesome, fire, torture, Emily, extreme
Nightclub Shooting
Duration: 00:55
Views 11184, Comments 0
Tags: shooting, gunfire, nightclub, black guy, thug
Nightclub Shooting
Duration: 00:01
Views 761, Comments 0
Tags: shooting, gunfire, nightclub, black guy, thug
Soapy Enema Nylons 2718
Duration: 01:49
Views 2343, Comments 0
Tags: Weird, Disgusting, Nasty, Indecent, Foul
Man Assasinated In Bar
Duration: 00:37
Views 17961, Comments 4
Tags: shot death, shot down, shot, assasinated, killed
Duration: 06:52
Views 3193, Comments 0
Tags: spanking, girl, brutal
Outoor Nastiness 2236
Duration: 00:51
Views 4075, Comments 1
Tags: Weird, Dirty Knickers, Disgusting, Nasty, Indecent
Jump From Building
Duration: 02:02
Views 35180, Comments 2
Tags: jump, building, from
Jump From Building
Duration: 02:02
Views 3897, Comments 2
Tags: jump, from, building
Rapist Is Beaten
Duration: 03:00
Views 19803, Comments 3
Tags: rapist, rape attempt, beaten, street justice
7 Black Girls Beat Up 1 White Girl
Duration: 01:24
Views 36163, Comments 21
Tags: brazilian, fight, unfair, lame fight, 7 vs 1
horrific road accident aftermath
Duration: 02:10
Views 16035, Comments 3
Tags: accident aftermath, accident, ripped, crushed, run over
Racist White Girl vs Black Dude
Duration: 03:30
Views 19160, Comments 13
Tags: racist, racism, nigger, white girl, black
Duration: 01:13
Views 45308, Comments 1
Tags: efeitos, bomba, anabolizantes
Fatality in Sao Paulo Metro
Duration: 01:13
Views 11990, Comments 2
Tags: metro, subway, platform, crushed to death, in shock