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How Cambodians Bring Down A Man Hanging From A Tree
Duration: 01:05
Views 2543, Comments 1
Tags: suicide, hanging, tree, cambodia, dead man
Degloved Leg After Accident
Duration: 00:16
Views 1844, Comments 0
Tags: leg, skin ripped off, degloved leg, degloved., accident
Failed Suicide Attempt Aftermath
Duration: 00:43
Views 8289, Comments 4
Tags: suicide, face off, injury, hospital
Dirt Bike Runs Over A Bear
Duration: 02:46
Views 14960, Comments 4
Tags: bear, dirt bike, racin, accident
Running with rpg in Iraq
Duration: 01:03
Views 6115, Comments 2
Tags: Running with rpg in Iraq, shocking, showwdebola, execução, morte
Shredder Accident
Duration: 01:35
Views 12507, Comments 0
Tags: shredder, accident, hospital, pain, leg
Prisoners executed by drowning
Duration: 01:48
Views 7141, Comments 5
Tags: shocking, slamic state, isis, terror, morte
Face Off Accident
Duration: 00:24
Views 6416, Comments 1
Tags: face, torn off, ripped off, accident, cat jackers
Prisoners being beheaded with Explosives
Duration: 01:22
Views 6944, Comments 7
Tags: islamic state, isis, beheaded, shocking, morte
Couple With Slashed Throats
Duration: 08:56
Views 16387, Comments 1
Tags: Slashed Throat, murder, suicide, murder suicide, dying
Exciting Delirium
Duration: 09:44
Views 1806, Comments 2
Tags: PCP, Excited Delirium, Crazy, Mad Man, Demonic Possession
19 year old boy forced to be a girl
Duration: 08:16
Views 10990, Comments 0
Tags: castration, transsexual, teen, shocking, sex change
Woman Agonizing In Horrific Accident
Duration: 00:48
Views 41515, Comments 6
Tags: car accident, eye ball, eye, face off
Cut In Half By Truck
Duration: 01:36
Views 8625, Comments 0
Tags: truck, accident, run over, cut in half, servered
Leg Caught In Cultivator
Duration: 01:35
Views 8170, Comments 0
Tags: impaled, caught, accident, leg, cultivator
Brutal autopsy of dead woman
Duration: 01:43
Views 39520, Comments 3
Tags: autopsy, dead woman, surgery, cut open, morgue
Gun Pulled At Road Rage
Duration: 01:37
Views 16160, Comments 3
Tags: gun, road rage, fight, traffic, car
Drunk Truck Driver Runs Over Man
Duration: 01:09
Views 8150, Comments 2
Tags: truck accident, run over, drunk, truck
Cop Killed
Duration: 01:04
Views 23113, Comments 4
Tags: murder, knife, stabbed, police officer, cop
AK-47 Execution
Duration: 01:00
Views 22708, Comments 1
Tags: execution, ak47, ak-47, automatic pistol, isis
Man Decapitated by Roadside Explosion
Duration: 03:21
Views 8229, Comments 0
Tags: explosion, IED, decapitated, headless, killed
2 girls raped and killed
Duration: 04:54
Views 21021, Comments 0
Tags: schocking, rape, girl, raped, rapist
Shot In The Eye
Duration: 00:20
Views 9797, Comments 1
Tags: eye, shot, face shot, eye shot, injury
Cut In Half By Train
Duration: 01:10
Views 9176, Comments 0
Tags: accident, cut in half, train, track, train track
Degolved Foot After Accident
Duration: 03:03
Views 3826, Comments 0
Tags: degloved foot, foot, degloved, accident, motorcycle
Ugly woman sadistic treatment
Duration: 02:46
Views 2162, Comments 0
Tags: schocking, ugly, woman, sadistic, BDSM
tits burning
Duration: 02:07
Views 2310, Comments 1
Tags: torture, BDSM, sadism, burning, tits
Hijab girl forced to fuck
Duration: 02:36
Views 23625, Comments 2
Tags: schocking;, forced, rape, raped, rapist
Man Shredded To Death
Duration: 04:37
Views 9632, Comments 0
Tags: shredder, shredded, minced meat, meat grinder, accident
Asian girl rape by 3 guys
Duration: 03:49
Views 26091, Comments 0
Tags: schocking, rape, raped, rapist, forced
Indonesian teen forced to fuck in the wood
Duration: 05:07
Views 13732, Comments 0
Tags: forced, sex, humiliated, rape, rapist
Silicone Butt Disaster
Duration: 02:09
Views 26293, Comments 3
Tags: silicone, infection, butt, painful
Small Cat Is Thrown To The Crocodiles
Duration: 01:00
Views 40933, Comments 13
Tags: crocodiles, cat, peru, evil
Bear Carcass Covered in maggots
Duration: 00:42
Views 18903, Comments 0
Tags: bear, dead bear, bear carcass, covered in maggots, maggots
Prostitute Beaten Up
Duration: 01:37
Views 34604, Comments 4
Tags: prostitute, extortion, beaten, blackmailing
Sexual assault of a young girl
Duration: 03:09
Views 18455, Comments 0
Tags: schocking, sexual assault, agression, rape, raped
Pitbull attacks cat in the streets of New York.
Duration: 01:30
Views 46462, Comments 11
Tags: dog, pitbull, attack, cat, ny