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Syria-Man Executed In A Street
Duration: 02:30
Views 322, Comments 0
Tags: Syria, Murder, War, Reality
Tazing Won't Work On This Guy
Duration: 02:09
Views 4023, Comments 2
Tags: tazered, tazer, tazing, badass, tough guy
Bull Takes Revenge On Unlucky Guy
Duration: 00:56
Views 2563, Comments 1
Tags: bull, bull fight, gored, animal attack
Idiot With Gun
Duration: 00:06
Views 9882, Comments 7
Tags: gun, fail, showoff
Chechens Chasing An Escaped Bear
Duration: 00:26
Views 6416, Comments 1
Tags: bear, escaped animal, animal, catch
Guy Almost Fatally Hit On Highway
Duration: 00:23
Views 6425, Comments 0
Tags: dangerous, traffic, highway, broken car, car trouble
Man Run Over 4 Times and Killed In Brazil
Duration: 01:27
Views 1576, Comments 0
Tags: accident, run over, brazil, viamao, porto alegre
Upside Down Beating
Duration: 02:35
Views 9062, Comments 3
Tags: beating, hang, somali, street justice
Indonesians Punish a Thief
Duration: 01:05
Views 2474, Comments 0
Tags: Thief, Beaten, Locals, Punish, Steal
Syria-Two Men Executed In The Street
Duration: 01:17
Views 1313, Comments 2
Tags: Syria, War, Reality, Murder
Massagem Cardíaca
Duration: 00:53
Views 10290, Comments 0
Tags: massagem, Cardíaca, Samu
Brutal Beheading
Duration: 01:37
Views 17051, Comments 7
Tags: Brutal Beheading, cutting, cut off, neck, knife
Showoff Biker Gets What He Deserves
Duration: 00:20
Views 9644, Comments 3
Tags: biker, stunting, dangerous, reckless, reckless driving
Lots Of Executed Bodies
Duration: 01:41
Views 1715, Comments 1
Tags: Ececuted, Death, Reality
Driver impaled
Duration: 01:08
Views 2406, Comments 2
Tags: truck driver, driver, impaled, impaled by tree, accident
Duration: 00:54
Views 24101, Comments 2
Tags: Decapitação2, gore, sangue
Duration: 01:37
Views 24526, Comments 4
Tags: Decapitação, morto, b rasil
Two Big Boobed Woman Stripped And Beaten
Duration: 03:54
Views 32960, Comments 10
Tags: fight, bitch fight, big boobs, boobs
Purse Snatcher Beats Up Woman On Bus
Duration: 01:35
Views 30643, Comments 6
Tags: thief, violent, robbery, purse snatcher, woman beaten
Brazil-Boy Shot In The Head After A Party
Duration: 02:00
Views 2143, Comments 5
Tags: Brazil, Shot, Dead, Murder
Young Girl Brutally Beaten In Shopping Mall
Duration: 00:52
Views 3464, Comments 2
Tags: beaten, teen, girl, shopping, fight
Horrors Of War (Graphic Warning!)
Duration: 00:53
Views 3773, Comments 2
Tags: banned, horror, hospital, warning, war
Woman Brutally Beaten In Tattoo Studio
Duration: 01:22
Views 3375, Comments 1
Tags: fight, brutal, sangrento, beaten, woman
Young Turkish Girl Jumps Off A Balcony
Duration: 01:22
Views 1708, Comments 1
Tags: Girl, Jump, Suicide Attwmpt
Snake Feeding Gone Wrong
Duration: 03:24
Views 33096, Comments 4
Tags: snake, feeding, animal, attack
Severed Hand
Duration: 04:01
Views 7094, Comments 1
Tags: Severed Hand, Slashed, model plane, accident, propeller
Drunk Girl Dives Over Stairs
Duration: 01:21
Views 2319, Comments 3
Tags: Drunk, Girl, Dive, Fall, Reality
Car Thieves Shot By Police
Duration: 01:22
Views 23263, Comments 3
Tags: shot, bandits, thieves, car thieves, shot by police
Family Van Flips Over-Aftermath
Duration: 05:14
Views 2493, Comments 3
Tags: Accident, Aftermath, Serious
Drunk Driver Hits 12 Pedestrians
Duration: 01:00
Views 18076, Comments 3
Tags: drunk driver, drunk driving, accident, horrific, dead people
Morta com tiro no olho
Duration: 00:43
Views 11373, Comments 0
Tags: tiro, no, olho
coitado do leão
Duration: 07:56
Views 33014, Comments 4
Tags: meu senhor, leão, comeu, rapidinha
12 atropelados, 6 mortos
Duration: 01:17
Views 26783, Comments 0
Tags: isso é bizarro, Acidente, morte
Woman Runs Over 3 People
Duration: 01:03
Views 3291, Comments 4
Tags: Beautiful, pussy, Woman, dead, die
Man Miraculously Survived After Horrific Accident.
Duration: 01:58
Views 8175, Comments 0
Tags: accident, survive, injured, unjury, splinter
Thieves get shot
Duration: 01:22
Views 1173, Comments 1
Tags: thief, shot, head, die, death
Mans head bashed in
Duration: 01:00
Views 23621, Comments 0
Tags: head bashed in, head smashed, stoned, stoned to death, killed
Russia-Beat To Death For Snitching
Duration: 00:37
Views 1731, Comments 1
Tags: Russia, Death, Beating
14Yo Girl Shot Death By Boyfriend
Duration: 00:17
Views 65551, Comments 11
Tags: murder, murderer, shot death, dead girl, gun