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Duration: 04:48
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Mass Execution Of 250 Syrian Soldiers
Duration: 00:39
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Tags: execution, mass execution, syria, islamic state, murder
Bus Driver High On Drugs
Duration: 00:27
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Tags: high, accident, drugs, bus driver, bus accident
Bull vs Woman
Duration: 01:19
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Tags: bull fight, bull, ass, woman attacked
Horrific Scene From Inside A Front Line Syrian Hospital
Duration: 02:08
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Tags: Isso, Bizarro, Isso é Bizarro
BlueGirl70 0551
Duration: 01:11
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Tags: Dirty Knickers, Obscene, Repulsive, Filthy, Sickening
Mother abuses her own child
Duration: 02:58
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Tags: shocking, abuse, violence, russian, caught abuse
Indian Man Has Both Legs Cut Off by Train
Duration: 00:35
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Tags: Indian Man, Severed Legs, Train, Blood, Gore
Rough throat rape of young girl must see
Duration: 03:28
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Tags: Forced, cumdumpster, whore, gag, Gagging
Mother With Kids Hit By Speeding Car
Duration: 00:52
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Tags: hit, hit by car, accident, worst mom, stroller
Skullfucking teen whore
Duration: 01:42
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Tags: Gag, choke, puke, skullfuck, degrade
Brutal anal rape of teen girl
Duration: 01:52
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Tags: Rape, slave, whore, slut, brutal
Seizure After Knock Out
Duration: 01:29
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Tags: fight, seizure, ko, knock out
Cut Penis
Duration: 01:46
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Tags: Isso, Bizarro, Isso é Bizarro
Suicide By Cop
Duration: 05:00
Views 16899, Comments 7
Tags: shot death, killed, police, cops, shooting
Elephant Killing Spree 1994
Duration: 01:53
Views 3613, Comments 5
Tags: Elephant, Killing, kill
James Foley Beheading
Duration: 02:50
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Tags: beheading, islamic state, james foley
Rosto Fuzilado
Duration: 01:21
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Tags: Isso, Bizarro, Isso é Bizarro
5 Fishermen Shot To Death
Duration: 05:59
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Tags: murder, killed, kill, fishermen, sea
Hitman Shot Death By His Target
Duration: 00:46
Views 55475, Comments 5
Tags: hitman, shot death, gun, gunfire, shooting
Duration: 00:46
Views 54104, Comments 4
Tags: Suicide, train, death
De cara com o caminhão
Duration: 01:39
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Tags: Isso, Bizarro, Isso é Bizarro
Leech in Urethra / by Bedrik
Duration: 02:07
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Tags: leech, leech suck, leech in urethra, bloodsucker, bedrik
Eduardo Campos Plane Crash2
Duration: 01:30
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Tags: Isso, Bizarro, Isso é Bizarro
Bullies Cut Girl's Hair Off
Duration: 02:55
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Tags: bullies, bully, cut hair, punish, humiliation
Eduardo Campos Plane Crash
Duration: 00:20
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Tags: Isso, Bizarro, Isso é Bizarro
Motorcyclist ripped apart
Duration: 00:50
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Tags: ripped apart, ripped off leg, ripped off, leg, amputated
Hook in Foreskin / by Bedrik
Duration: 02:12
Views 1359, Comments 1
Tags: foreskin, hook in foreskin, foreskin torture, bedrik
Accident with jeep
Duration: 13:52
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Tags: accident, jeep, car, passengers, gasoline station
Dead sewage baby
Duration: 01:10
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Tags: dead baby, aborted baby, baby, sewage, sewer drain
Sexy Soapy Knickers 085b
Duration: 01:13
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Tags: Weird, Dirty Knickers, Disgusting, Nasty, Indecent
Dales Monster Toy
Duration: 04:24
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Tags: dales, monster, toy, huge
Man Hit By Out Of Control Boat
Duration: 02:24
Views 7069, Comments 2
Tags: boat, out of control, drunk, russia, hit by boat
Shocking Stockings Exposure 2046
Duration: 00:27
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Tags: Upskirt, Stockings, Panties, Knickers, Suspenders
trapped under truck still alive
Duration: 04:45
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Tags: truck wheel, truck tire, truck, accident, motorcyclist
Naked Guy Fighting Police
Duration: 04:14
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Tags: tazer, police, naked man, fight, cop