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Indian Man Has Both Legs Cut Off by Train
Duration: 00:35
Views 63364, Comments 3
Tags: Indian Man, Severed Legs, Train, Blood, Gore
MANGIATI VIVI AKA Eaten Alive Rape & Gore
Duration: 09:50
Views 136606, Comments 2
Tags: Carnivore, Cult, Trash, Rape, Gore
Death piranhas
Duration: 06:38
Views 7665, Comments 3
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"A BLOOD SMYPHONY" complete gore
Duration: 12:16
Views 59015, Comments 3
Tags: Blood, Gore, Guts, Trash, MotherlessMX
WHITE CANNIBAL-QUEEN Women-eating Scenes
Duration: 10:30
Views 41962, Comments 5
Tags: Cannibals, Gore, eaten alive, Trash, motherlessMX
Asian girl
Duration: 04:30
Views 19743, Comments 5
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"Horn" removal
Duration: 10:30
Views 5041, Comments 1
Tags: Horn, removal, head, gore, bizarre
Punto Negro - Black Point
Duration: 06:18
Views 2942, Comments 0
Tags: asco, asqueroso, gore, black point
Biker vs Big Truck
Duration: 01:34
Views 15897, Comments 1
Tags: Gore, Video's, Biker, Truck, Blood
Thailandia Moto
Duration: 02:41
Views 4437, Comments 1
Tags: gore, moto, thai, dead
Suicidio en Chile
Duration: 00:40
Views 3174, Comments 2
Tags: gore, suicidio, chile, dead
Beheading of Owen Eugene Armstrong
Duration: 00:58
Views 41476, Comments 14
Tags: Iraq, 2004, Beheading, Throatcut,
Astilla de Madera
Duration: 01:55
Views 5381, Comments 2
Tags: Astilla de Madera, gore, bizarro, hospital
Jack Hensley beheading
Duration: 00:58
Views 30088, Comments 9
Tags: beheading, throatcut, brutal, gore,
Molestia en las piernas
Duration: 01:15
Views 6046, Comments 1
Tags: gore, disgusting, kick, bizarre, piernas
Brazillian guy takes 50+ stabs in prison.
Duration: 01:07
Views 15007, Comments 5
Tags: murder,, Brutal, stabbed, stabbing
HIV guy commits suicide.
Duration: 00:19
Views 4072, Comments 1
Tags: suicide, HIV, Aids, jumper, Gore
Monkey Vs Botflies
Duration: 05:31
Views 13224, Comments 2
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Bugs In Her Jugs
Duration: 00:41
Views 13069, Comments 2
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Pile of dead bodies in the back of a van
Duration: 06:04
Views 5090, Comments 0
Tags: Gore, Bombing, Dead Bodies, Africa, Shocking