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Bizarre Rituals In Pakistan
Duration: 02:21
Views 27450, Comments 4
Tags: Bizarre rituals, Rituals, Pakistan, knife, torture
Nigerian Criminals Beaten And Burned Alive
Duration: 03:33
Views 69588, Comments 21
Tags: punished, armed robbers, molesters, beaten, necklased
Two robbers beat to death by angry mob
Duration: 03:00
Views 52279, Comments 10
Tags: mob, lynch, robbers, brothers, pakistan
Taliban executes 15 Pakistani soldiers
Duration: 01:59
Views 122163, Comments 21
Tags: brutal, graphic, shot, head, headshot
Brutal skiing accident
Duration: 03:05
Views 67237, Comments 4
Tags: Skiing, accident, slice, face, ear
Why men look at breasts
Duration: 01:19
Views 9816, Comments 0
Tags: breasts, looking, men
A new way of CPR
Duration: 11:53
Views 97789, Comments 7
Tags: accident, victim, lifeless, rape
Motorcycle accident
Duration: 01:32
Views 26674, Comments 3
Tags: degloved, broken, accident, leg, accident
Gadaffi Death Video
Duration: 00:15
Views 65352, Comments 2
Tags: kadaffi, killed, death, video, real
Sex in Public
Duration: 00:54
Views 20442, Comments 1
Tags: sex, public, bushes
Sending Ali to his virgins
Duration: 01:21
Views 38688, Comments 6
Tags: pakistan, cops, execution
Outdoor Car Sex
Duration: 06:30
Views 32254, Comments 1
Tags: suck, blowjob, car, outdoor, public
A last ray of sunlight
Duration: 02:37
Views 31599, Comments 14
Tags: pakistan, taliban, execution
Pussy cleaning
Duration: 07:24
Views 25298, Comments 2
Tags: pussy, vacuum, tits, nipples
Boy shot at close range by Pakistani army
Duration: 01:11
Views 70111, Comments 15
Tags: pakistan, shot, shoot, boy
Car crash in Pakistan
Duration: 02:04
Views 28261, Comments 4
Tags: fatalities, crash, killed, supra, drag
Brutal Killing by Lynch Mob
Duration: 09:43
Views 150287, Comments 3
Tags: lynching, robbers, killing, pakistan
Life is a drag
Duration: 03:43
Views 34720, Comments 5
Tags: pakistan, torture, drag, neck
Yep That's Broken Dude!
Duration: 01:45
Views 112645, Comments 0
Tags: pakistan, leg, mangled, aftermath, broken
A night out in Moskow
Duration: 01:24
Views 19454, Comments 6
Tags: fight, shooting, guns, club, russian
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