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Cyclops Baby Born
Duration: 00:45
Views 18870, Comments 9
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Rape Victim Buried Up
Duration: 03:12
Views 113171, Comments 2
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Vietnamese Man Cut In Half
Duration: 04:26
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Live Frog Sashimi
Duration: 01:41
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Destroyed Face But Still Alive
Duration: 01:12
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Nigerian Criminals Beaten And Burned Alive
Duration: 03:33
Views 63018, Comments 21
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Poor guy gets burned alive
Duration: 04:38
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Naked girl buried alive
Duration: 06:40
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Both legs servered
Duration: 00:30
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Man burned alive in car accident
Duration: 01:17
Views 25838, Comments 4
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Man with his guts hanging out still alive
Duration: 01:45
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Alive and mangled inside car wreck
Duration: 00:38
Views 25474, Comments 3
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Young man cut in half is still alive
Duration: 02:03
Views 84386, Comments 12
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Mans throat ripped out
Duration: 00:52
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Hacked up guy is still alive
Duration: 03:25
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Bitch eats baby mouse alive
Duration: 00:22
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Still alive
Duration: 02:33
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Crimes of war
Duration: 01:55
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Man burned to a crisp
Duration: 01:56
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Man in half still gasping for breath
Duration: 00:43
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Female Bikers Impaled In Car
Duration: 01:37
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