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Shot in the head and still moving
Duration: 02:00
Views 2957, Comments 2
Tags: head shot, shot in head, twitching, moving, bleeding
Soldier Shot In The Head
Duration: 02:19
Views 92245, Comments 15
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Syrian man shot in the head
Duration: 01:05
Views 44315, Comments 0
Tags: head shot, blood, streets, syria, syrian
Head shot
Duration: 05:59
Views 86156, Comments 5
Tags: head, shot, soldier, war
AK47 Head Shot
Duration: 00:24
Views 90248, Comments 5
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Man Shot In The Head
Duration: 00:32
Views 12220, Comments 3
Tags: headshot, shot, nightclub, nyc, new york
Shot in the head point blank
Duration: 00:51
Views 45574, Comments 12
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Head shot
Duration: 00:55
Views 27835, Comments 4
Tags: head, shot, face, insurgent
Brutal Head Shot
Duration: 01:50
Views 9634, Comments 0
Tags: gunshot, brain, rebel, killed, shoot
4 Year Old Child Shot In The Head
Duration: 00:55
Views 111047, Comments 20
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Head shot
Duration: 00:15
Views 27036, Comments 1
Tags: head shot, bullet, 45mm, girl, killed
Woman Shot In The Head
Duration: 00:25
Views 312509, Comments 19
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Man dying after shot in the face
Duration: 02:08
Views 77966, Comments 2
Tags: shocking, dead, killed, morte, muerte
FSA Fighter Hit By SAA Sniper In The Face
Duration: 01:58
Views 129858, Comments 16
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Mans head bashed in
Duration: 01:00
Views 24545, Comments 0
Tags: head bashed in, head smashed, stoned, stoned to death, killed
Woman Shot In The Face
Duration: 02:16
Views 58627, Comments 4
Tags: brazil, shot, scooter, face, killed
Girl Shot In The Throat Takes Final Gasps
Duration: 00:37
Views 55662, Comments 13
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Shot in the wrong place
Duration: 01:11
Views 45275, Comments 3
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Man Shot in the face by an ak47
Duration: 00:52
Views 51569, Comments 9
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Head Shot Open And Alive
Duration: 01:01
Views 19974, Comments 3
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Protestor Shot In Head By Sniper, Still Alive
Duration: 01:41
Views 49496, Comments 9
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Arrested Guy Shoots Himself In Head
Duration: 01:25
Views 18268, Comments 11
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